Essay Writing Competition

TOPIC: Education lifts the country

SAKI Institute of English Language

SAKI Institute of English Language announces Essay Writing Competition for students of English Language.

Writing Contest Rules

  • Essay must written in English.
  • Essay must be your original work.
  • Essay can be no longer than 500 words.
  • Essays should be written using your word processor
  • Essay must possess an proper outline.
  • The essay should be an original piece of work. It should be written in the pupil’s own words and not copied from any books, articles, or from the internet.
  • Writing submission must be sent concerned teacher at SAKI

Date for Submission: 1 March, 2014

Good Student Essays - Criteria:

  • Proper outline
  • Relevance
  • Creativity
  • Descriptive language
  • Good diction
  • Interesting ideas
  • Clear presentment of the topic
  • Spelling/Grammar/Mechanics/Word Count