Chancellor News and Notes

February 16, 2016

Spring Break is one month away!

Who else is excited?! Not that I'm doing anything, but a week off is always good! We are rolling closer to STAAR and TELPAS is here, so testing season has officially begun.

Time to talk about STAAR Buddies! Here's how it works:

  • Each STAAR classroom needs to have at least one or two classroom teacher buddies (from non-STAAR grade level teachers)
  • Each STAAR classroom needs to have a couple of additional staff buddies (front office, paraprofessionals, intervention, block teachers, ILT staff, etc.).
  • You can come sign up for the class you would like to buddy with on the sign-up sheet in my office. Please sign up by Friday, February 19.
  • Next, get with your STAAR classroom teacher, and get the number of children in class and their names.
  • Talk to your fellow buddies to plan out what you will do for your STAAR classroom.
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STAAR Buddy Expectations

What do you need to do for your STAAR buddies?

  • Work with your buddies to make a banner to hang in the main hallway for your STAAR classroom. We usually hang off the staircase and go from there (central spot on the stairs is prime real estate, first come first serve!). Include your STAAR teacher's name and a catchy phrase (example: Brixey's Bears will Crush the STAAR Test!). You can integrate your students' pictures and names if you want as well. Examples are below, and there are tons more on Pinterest or if you Google.
  • Banners are due to be hung in the hallway by Tuesday, March 22. You can definitely hang them up before then if you want.
  • Provide encouragement with fun letters, posters for the classroom or hallways, bookmarks, etc. for the STAAR buddy classroom students. Work with your fellow buddies to come up with creative ways to excite and encourage your STAAR buddy classroom, and involve your primary students!
  • Buy your STAAR buddy classroom items for the day of STAAR testing- individual water bottles, low sugar (non-messy) snacks, good erasers, individual tissue packs, etc. Chancellor will provide a snack such as pretzels or goldfish to students as well. Work with your buddy partners to divide testing dates amongst you (3rd grade and 5th grade each have 2 testing dates, 4th grade has 3 testing dates).
  • If you have questions, ask any staff member who has been here last year or more- we have been doing this for a few years. It's fun, and the STAAR students really do get motivated by the posters and treats!
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Dress Code, last time I promise! :)

Hopefully the last couple of newsletters and emailed review of district and campus policy has sparked some conversations around campus! We would like our campus to be exemplary in all areas, and part of that is of course how we are viewed. Please encourage each other in stepping up to the challenge of following dress code policy. We will send out individual reminders as needed if some tweaking is in order. These reminders will be placed in mailboxes, and will only be distributed when needed. Thank you for reading through our reviews of dress code policy as a campus.

Showers Coming Up!

We have several staff members having showers soon! Be prepared to have some cake!

  • Amanda Trevino- wedding shower, February 17 (afterschool)
  • Monique Rice- wedding shower, February 24 (throughout the day)
  • Kaitlyn Galaviz- baby shower, March 3 (afterschool)
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Girl Scout know you want some!

The Chancellor Girl Scout Troop has cookies! If you would like some (or some more), please let me, Tiffany Watson, or Nina Nguyen know! Cookies are still $4.00 a box, no increase this year. We also have cookie booth events if you want to come see our girls selling- the first cookie booth is this Thursday, at the Royal Oaks HEB on Westheimer and Kirkwood, from 5:00-7:00 pm. Varieties are listed at the link below:
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