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Friday 17th January 2020

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What the teachers say about this week

Nursery – Stars

What a busy week we have had, beans, beans and more beans! This week we have planted beans, had a lovely time with our sensory play with compost, we have counted beans and have enjoyed Jasper’s Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk. We have also planted bulbs in our outdoor environment. In Phonics we have continued with environmental sounds, playing guess my sound and making animal sounds.

Foundation Stage

We have shared the story ‘SUPERPIGS’. The children have enjoyed creating jet packs and building homes made with straw, sticks and bricks. They also discovered some amazing pig facts!

Hopefully they will all sleep tonight because we had our first PE session today too!

FS/Year 1

We have been investigating a crime scene for The Three Little Pigs and making a wanted poster for the wolf. We have also been making maps of Brayton and thinking about what we pass on the way to school.

Year 2

We have so much fun this week making our very own Marvellous Medicine like George. We then wrote all the weird and wonderful things our medicine would do to Grandma. In science we carried out our balloon experiment. In maths we have been dividing into groups of 2,3,5,10.

Year 3 / 4

We have been developing our writing skills, and use of adjectives and adverbs, by looking at how we could persuade people to come and stay in our hotels. We have looked at travel brochures to see what is on offer and the language that is used to persuade the customer.

In RE, we are going to be learning about a Hindu family and their beliefs.

Year 5

This week we have been using efficient methods to find equivalent fractions. Some challenge questions were just that! It has been payback time though, as we have been planning and writing Tudor court room scripts where both Mr Wheeler and Mrs Bennie are on trial. Writing using a variety of clauses, Mr W and Mrs B have been accused of committing a range of Tudor crimes, and punished accordingly. Each court room scenario will be performed next week.

Year 6

This week we have been working hard on understanding the vocabulary and language used in our class texts: Dangerous Waters and Kaspar, in Guided Reading. We have created persuasive and informative leaflets to entice customers to climb aboard Titanic on its maiden voyage. In maths, we have been focussing on converting Decimals, Fractions and Percentages. What a busy week it has been!

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This week’s attendance and punctuality

Best Attendance

Stars 100%

Well done – 10 extra bees.

Whole school attendance


This is great attendance - thank you


The following classes have all had 100% Punctuality and will earn 10 extra bees:

Earth and Constellation

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Stars of the Week

Stars - Zephyrus Hay

Moon - Taylor Sheldon

Mercury - Monty Waugh

Venus - Clarity Coleman

Mars - Ella-Rose Howard

Earth - Sebastian Draper

Jupiter - Sadie Scott

Saturn - Amelia Albyn

Neptune - Matthew Thompson

Asteroid - George Wells

Pluto - Harry Leach

Constellation - Erin Wilson

Nebular - Lyla Cooper

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Y2 SATs information evening

Monday, Jan. 20th, 6-7pm

Brayton Lane

Brayton, England

An information evening for Y2 parents and carers - the Y2 teachers will be letting you know about SATs and how you can support your Y2 children to do their best work.

Saturn Golden Time Afternoon

Wednesday 22nd January

Please bring a game to play and a change of non-uniform clothes in a named bag.

Next Week's Menu


v Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Broccoli & Sweetcorn

Garlic Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese & beans

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & beans

OR Egg Bread Roll


Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Beef Stew & Yorkshire Pudding

Mashed Potato

Carrots & Savoy Cabbage

50/50 Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or tuna

OR Baked Baguette with cheese

OR Cheese Bread Roll


Roly Poly & Custard

Fresh Fruit or Fruit Yoghurt


Roast Pork & Apple Sauce

Medley of Vegetables

Roast Potatoes

Poppy Seed Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & tuna

OR Tuna Bread Roll


Peach Crisp & Custard

Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Pizza Day!

Banana Chocolate Sundae

A drink of squash

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or tuna

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & tomato

OR Ham Bread Roll


Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Crispy Battered Fish

Peas & Baked Beans

Chipped Potatoes

Apricot & Seed Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or beans

OR Cheese Bread Roll


Lemon Muffin

Fresh Fruit or Fruit Yoghurt

This Term's After School Sports Clubs


3.30 – 4.30

4, 5 & 6


Balasz from British Judo

ends 3rd Feb

£12 for the 4 sessions



3.30 – 4.45

1 & 2

Futsal (Indoor version of football)

Mr Pooley

14th Jan - 11th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/


3.30 – 4.45

3 & 4


Mr Wheeler / Mr Pooley

15th Jan -12th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/


3.30 – 4.30

4,5 & 6

Modern Dance

Miss Beeton

16th Jan -13th Feb

£15 for the 5 sessions



3.30 – 4.45

5 & 6


Mr Wheeler

17th Jan - 14th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/

Parenting Tips

Does your child have trouble getting to sleep?

If your bedtime routine is too rowdy or too long you may experience difficulties in settling your child down to sleep.

1.Try bathing in the mornings rather than at bedtimes - sometimes playing in the water can refresh and wake up a child rather than soothing and relaxing them.

2. After reading to or with your child, try leaving them to self sooth with a downloaded child's story or CD talking book. (Remember to go back and take the technology out once finished though!)

Worth a try!

For more tips on parenting visit the link below:

Parenting Tips

Message from Mrs R

Wow! What a busy 'Super Spellers, Holiday Hotels, Marvellous Medicines and Torturous Tudors' kind of week!

I have really enjoyed this week at school with three more Brayton firsts - our new Spelling Bees, our new Y6 Common Room and our newly revamped Friday Superstar Worship courtesy of Mr Wheeler.

Thanks as always to staff, children and parents for all your hard work and support. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs R