Containment of Communism

Did it really work?

Why did the U.S get involved?

The U.S got involved because they had feared that the Domino Theory would happen. The Domino Theory is when one country is communist and other countries begin to become communism. It is just like falling dominoes.
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What is communism, and who influenced it throughout the world?

Communism reminds me of a dystopia. It is a society where everything but not quite in a good way. During communism, the government has total control. The rich share with the peasants and end up being just like them. Karl Marx originally developed the idea of communism, but Mao Zedong enforced it.

The Cultural Revolution

During the Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong used his military to try to change the culture of China. According to (ASIA-HISTORY and GOVERNMENT), " Religions were banned and self expression through the arts were also outlawed, and those who mocked the government were punished, if not killed." Basically, he did not want his people to be influenced by western or foreign ideas. This revolution was led by his wife, Madame Mao.
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The Tiananmen Square

During the Tiananmen Square event, a man stood in front of about a dozen tanks. Loaded tanks. When thinking about this event, some often refer to 'The Tank Man'. This man had just come from shopping as shown below, he has shopping bags, and he stood in front of loaded tanks.
1989 Raw Video: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square

Korean War

The Korean War was a seesaw war. That means that when one side gained land, the other side got it back and so on. The end of the war resulted in North Korea being communist and South Korea was democratic. The important parts of the Korean War was: China, North and South Korea, U.N, and Soviet Union. This war contained communism into one area. Instead of spreading to all of Korea, it only spread to North Korea which is facing economic problems, where South Korea is very prosperous while being democratic.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a terrible war for America. We lost against Vietnam. The reason we lost was because of the Viet Cong's guerilla tactics. The parts involved of the Vietnam war was: Vietnam and the U.S. A lot of people thought that the U.S getting involved in the Vietnam War was not a good idea because we had lost a lot of lives and money. Unfortunately, communism spread and it was in Vietnam and to this day, Vietnam is still a communist country.
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I think that the containment of communism did work and the U.S going there actually helped. It greatly depends on how you look at it and how you would visualize containment.They actually contained it because before, there were 23 communist countries, now there are only 5 communist countries left. Another example, the Korean War, North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic. From the idea of containment, this example shows that they did contain communism because they were able to keep South Korea a democracy.
Animated Communism Map
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How did this all tie together to the question: Did Containment of Communism Work?

According to this assignment, containment of communism worked because it was more skewered around China. There are now 5 remaining communist countries to this day. Hopefully someday they will change their minds and make this world anti-communist from seeing how democracy or oligarchy can be prosperous.
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