Peace and Color

Jacob, Logan, Trevor


Peace is something that everyone wants, you know I'm right

We can pray for it, but it doesn't happen overnight

People have tried for years on end to make it so,

But in the end, its always at an all time low

Now don’t be upset because some don’t believe,

You know who can make a difference, you and me

It’s not that hard if we bundle together,

The only thing that can stop us is the weather

It takes more than just one person to do it, its not a one man job

I think it could be done with one great mob

But don't expect it to take just a day to decrease

It will take a while before we can take a sign of peace


Yellow is bright, a sign of light

Blue is neat, not a sign of defeat

Orange is sweet, a real treat

Gray is nice, like ten mice

Red is spunky, kind of like a monkey

Purple is cool, and not very cruel

Pink is passionate, really temperate

Black is dark, like it has left its mark

Green is clean, it can also be mean

White is milky, could even be silky

All these colors mean something you know

To me, their all on our beautiful rainbow