Paloma Groves


Every time I go to parent teacher conferences my teachers always say I'm an asset to the class and a great leader. I think I'm good at being a leader because I always like to take charge and try and figure out what to do next. I think it's a good skill to have so I can help people.


Spanish was my second language. i learned English and Spanish at the same time but ultimately English is what I speak on a regular basis. I take Spanish class so I learn even more. I think its good to be able to speak Spanish so I can talk to even more customer when I get a job or if someone that only speaks Spanish needs help.


I started playing the violin in the beginning of the sixth grade. At first I had a little bit of trouble but my teacher gave me a lot of tips and with practice I became a lot better and now I'm at the top of my class. Ever since I started playing I just became attached to it and I love playing it and I love orchestra. I think naturally its my instrument. I would love to one day be a music teacher and teach other kids how to play.