Welcome back in 2014

Ballina Public School Library

What is on in the Library this year?

Ballina Public School's Library program will be promoting the very best of children's literature to your child with activities designed to help students enjoy the stories. I will be doing my very best to get (or keep) your children 'hooked on reading' by recommending specific reading material to each individual.

  • New titles will be added to our library to help meet the new Australian Curriculum requirements and reading requests by students and teachers.
  • Five new Ipads in the Library will be available for reading e-books and as a presentation and research tool.
  • Each year level will be learning research and computer skills specifically suited to their developmental needs.
  • Special events planned for 2014 include: Byron Bay Writers Festival, a book fair, Book Week Parade, reading contests, participation in the Premiers Reading Challenge and visits to our local library during Book Week.

Term 1


During first term, Kinders are able to borrow one book per week. A library bag is recommended. During our hour long library sessions, students are exposed to a variety of quality literature, predominantly Australian titles. Many of the titles are on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge and all students are entered and should receive a signed certificate at the end of the year.

Students are also exposed to the structure of a picture book and basic visual literacy. Our main goal for Kindergarten students is continual exposure to encourage an enjoyment of literature and reading. We read books in a variety of formats, both hard copy and digital.

Years 1 & 2

Stage 1

Students will begin to develop an understanding of the differences between non fiction and fiction texts - including how to access using our library catalogue and locating on the shelves. Students continue to develop their reading for enjoyment whilst being exposed to a range of quality literature.

During the term, students will begin to be exposed to how research is conducted, based on the History unit 'Families'. Students (particularly Yr 1 students) will revise and practice logging on to both the library desktops and laptops and navigating to particular websites. Students are also taught specific terms associated with computer devices such as desktop, mouse, cursor, screen, log off, shut down etc

Years 3 & 4

Stage 2

Students will be introduced to historical fiction associated with their History unit "The First Fleet". Students will focus on the steps of the Information Process and begin to understand key points when researching such as note taking, plagiarism, bibliographies. Students are directed to online links which Mrs Streader has sourced for their relevance, reading level and appropriateness.

Years 5 & 6

Stage 3

Students will complete a research task based on the history unit 'Australian Identity'. In addition to the information process students will further their skills in online information searching. Research at Ballina Public School will focus on answering an open ended question, designed to encourage deeper thinking about a topic. Students will revise searching techniques using google including advanced and appropriate searching of google images.