Future Carers

Trauma Surgeon or Fashion Designer

Trauma Surgeon

A Trauma Surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in traumas. If there was a really bad car accident a person got rushed to the hospital and needed surgical help, then a Trauma Surgeon would operate on them. Most likely all the people in the room would be a Trauma surgeon, Neuro Surgeon, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, scrub nurses and if it was bad enough an Ortho. Surgeon.
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Well first a Trauma Surgeon pays about $233,150 per year...that's a lot of money. And if I was not at the hospital like if it was my day off, and someone got hurt, I could help them because i would know what to do. And i would be able to sleep better at night know that i have saved life's and helped. Also because i would have been up all night. I would be able to pay taxes, have a good living, be able to treat my kids and over all have a good, happy life.

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Apparel Designer

Apparel Designer

An Apparel Designer is a Fashion Designer. They design new styles or continue the old. They are very artistic, open minded, and creative. Each designer is different. They have a different mind, different ideas, and a different style.


To be an Apparel Designer you don't have to go through a lot of school. All you actually need is a Bachelors Degree in Fashion and Design. That is the only ''extra'' schooling you need.


This is a Runway. A runway is were models model designs. Big time designers but on fashion shows after they finish their new line. All big time designers have a process. Like Arturo Vatali is a well known designer so he has the money to do the whole process. From an idea and sketches to billboards and magazines.

The process

The process is a step by step plan that starts with an idea. A designer has an idea about something like a cute dress or something, and then they might get a muse. A muse is something or someone that inspires the designer to make more things. They draw their ideas down on a piece or paper and then they get what they need to start. They get their sewing stuff. So after they draw them they start sewing them. Then after they finish their line (a whole category of clothing) then start making phone calls and planning their fashion shows. And either before or after the show, they get a photographer to have a photo shoot. Plus the photos from the show. Then they send them to publishers in magazines. The paparazzi from the show may even post the pictures online or if they have a website, they may even put them up. And all this time the designer is making and spending money. Then by the end if they have enough money, then they might buy a billboard space with pictures from the show or the shoot. And that is the whole process.

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