Project 5 - 123D Make

Jake Manisto

Software and Machine Used:

For this project we will use a laser engraver to engrave out pieces of our product that was designed on Inventor, constructed in 123D Make, and transferred through Illustrator.


I used 2 and a half sheets of cardboard. Each sheet of cardboard costs $0.60 making my total cost $1.50.

Why would this product be desirable to users?

This product will be desirable to others because it resembles a guitar which any guitarist will think is very neat and interesting.


My main obstacle was managing time and making up time for missing days due to sickness. Another challenge was designing the guitar and figuring out how to use inventor to it's best capability.

What am I Proud of on this Project?

I am proud of this project because in my opinion it's one of the more interesting projects we have done and it took a lot more work.