Glidecreme a way too long

Existence sex relationship

Glidecreme a way too long existence sex relationship

There are so many men and women those are want to keep their process of doing intercourse longer than usual, but it's hard to resist sometimes actually our body normally incapable to hold the energy and excitement after certain period. So normally we cannot continue our bed relation with our partner but our mind may want to get something more to reach its ultimate pleasure. So here is the solution, Those are keen to get a longer bed relation using Glidecreame is perfect choice for all of them. Actually it helps to emphasize our sex organs through the lubricating process while the cream comes out from our body due to the body heat. That cream does the moisturized the surface to continue the sex process comfortably by making a layer and that helps to reduce friction that has been generated at the time of penetration. A lubricant can apply directly or can be used along with the Kondom or Kondomer to reduce the latex irritation. A lubricant is an essential part to do long lusted bed relation or foreplay.

Normally we can get three types of glidecreme in the market, those are Water based lube, oil based lube, and silicon based lube, Each every type of lube is equally important and play essential roles in getting pleasure even while you are protected by Kondomer, Basically all of them have some specific sectors to work. So it's always necessary to know or get some information before using the lubricants. Otherwise it’ll make an odd issue in your physical relationship. So always try to buy the right product to fulfill your specific purpose.

Water based Lubricant : Actually it has made by the glycerin and according to the experts this is the safest and the perfect type of lube to get long lusted relationship. Though there are two sub categories in this form of lube one is ‘with glycerin and ‘without glycerine`. According to some users there is no side effects in using water based lube, Even it has never created any patches or irritation on the skin and easy to wash.

Silicon based lubricant : This is the perfect equipment to get pleasure in long time foreplay and helps to increase the energy level during sex act. Though there are several commands on it which makes a negative effect on it, especially according to the users longer foreplay action cannot be done by this lubricant due to its bad taste. Apart from its bad taste it may create irritation in a woman's body after using it, so it's necessary to keep these things in mind before applying it to make longer sex act.

Oil based lubricants : Its applicable to continue the foreplay only, it's not applicable at any other part of the sex act. According to the experts a layer can be formed through the oil of this lubricant and can create several skin dieses along with other side effects. Actually the oil of the lubricant is the mixture of baby oil, vegetable oil, petrolatum and mineral oil. So the chances are there to generate some disease for the sensitive skin.