where no one knows what they're doing and nothing goes right

everyday requirements

During this dynasty the Hicks family requires everyone to complete 67 advanced algebra 2 packets, 83 physics equations, 54 art blogs, while also memorizing an entire marching show and an advanced dance for cheer:))

belief system

We believe in this system that everyone should do what Mr. Hicks says, but if Mrs. Hicks disagrees with Mr. Hicks, you should most definitely listen to Mrs. Hicks

overall rules

-you shouldn't procrastinate

-try to not drown in your homework

-attempt to maintain a social life

-third ones a joke lol

-in order to maintain a social life, procrastinate on your homework

-don't overthink things

-don't forget to think about ANYTHING and overanalyze every situation


-if you overthink you'll receive make up work

-if you don't memorize the marching show or the advanced dance, you'll be publicly humiliated

-if you cause Mr. and Mrs. Hicks to get into an argument, you'll be sent to your room

-if you're spending too much time on your phone, Mrs. Hicks will take it away and go through it when you're not looking

-if your grades fall to a B average, you'll be grounded

here are the rulers^ lol good luck