OHVA Learning Coach Academy

Program Overview and Links to Modules

Welcome, Learning Coach!

Our school has an amazing, supportive community - among our staff and our parents/LC's. Your engagement as a Learning Coach is absolutely essential to your student's success, and the Learning Coach Academy will help you to be informed, prepared, and confident for your important role.
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OHVA Learning Coach Academy: Let's Begin!

OHVA's Learning Coach Academy features incremental training to "eQUIP" you as a Learning Coach, so that you can do your best to guide them. The job of the Learning Coach is incredibly important, valued by your student and the school, and...everyone can use some help now and then, right?

The Learning Coach Academy features a bi-weekly newsletter to eQUIP you with instructional strategies and tips.

Growing to Guide

  • Provides modules to complete online to inform and prepare you about all things OHVA. Start with Module 1 and move forward throughout the school year.
  • Online sessions on helpful topics for busy Learning Coaches - new and/or veteran LC's.
  • Reminders about K12 Learning Coach University
  • Recognition for our hard-working Learning Coaches. Who doesn't like a surprise in the mail? Let us celebrate your learning with you, just as your student grows this year, too.

Progress through Module 1 and we'll send you a certifcate for your accomplishment. If you want to "Grow to Guide" even more, then you can move on to Modules 2, 3 and 4.

Begin Module 1 - Launch!

Dive into the basics and see your confidence as a Learning Coach grow.

Begin Module 2 - Fly!

Improve what you know about OHVA and parent engagement!

Begin Module 3 - Grow!

Explore the teaching/learning domains for your student and improve your own instruction at home.

Begin Module 4 - Soar!

See how your involvement in learning coach leadership is so important! Let's begin!

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Susie Ebie

sebie@k12.com or sebie@ohva.org

Susie has been with OHVA since the school began in 2002. She's been a parent, teacher, and has been in a family support/admin role for 15 years. She's always open to your ideas!