Digital Citizenship

By: Haley Schweitzer

Digital Citizenship and Footprint

Digital Citizen is a person who is able to think critically about the ethical opportunities and challenges of the "digital world" and makes safe, responsible,respectful choices online. Everyone wants a good footprint. A footprint is a trail of information that is seen on someones computer and servers around the world.

Password Protection, and Hackers

If you have a facebook, E-mail, or twitter account you have to have a password. You should make your password something that no one would guess. Make it unique, you could even use the whole keyboard! Your password should be at least 14 characters or longer. Never tell anyone your password. If you tell someone they could get into it and that is called hacking. Hacking is when someone gets into someones account and changes things or even steal unauthorized information.

Some things about Digital Citizenship

One other thing...


Bullying is when someone is being mean or rude to someone else. Every day someone is getting bullied. You should never bully anyone, and if you are getting bullied you should tell someone. If you are bullying someone you should stop because it can change you and the person that you are bullying.