Cavazos Middle School

It's Who We Are

Weekly Update 10/7-10/11

Cavazos will be a B! We, Us, Ours, Together! It takes us ALL. It's Who We Are!

Mission: Progress for ALL

Goals: Literacy and 10 plus

Values: Positivity, Community, Growth

70% approaching, 30% meets, 15% masters

District Mission: We will prepare students for life by nurturing, developing, and inspiring every child every day.

This Week, 10/7-10/11

  • 7th grade football vs OL @ Chapman field


  • CavCab meeting @ 7:35
  • 8th grade football vs. OL @ Chapman field


  • 8th grade team meeting @ 4:00
  • Choir Concert @ 4:30


  • STAFF Meeting (not grade level) to discuss United Way @ 4:15


  • Donut Club
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8th Grade Team Meeting Wednesday

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6th grade Tireless Teacher- Cody Anthony

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6th graders were gifted with Cavazos jackets! Just in time for cooler weather!

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PBIS or SEL Tip of the Week!

Last week, we gave you some tips on Welcoming Rituals. This week, let's look for opportunities to express our Gratitude. There are positive benefits of expressing gratitude. What a great opportunity we have to allow our students express what they are grateful for.

Students may ONLY wear FRIDAY shirts on Friday.

Students should not be wearing band, choir, etc..shirts on any day except the day of their performance. Only the PTA shirt (It's Who We Are) is allowed on Friday. Otherwise, students MUST be in the standardized collared shirt. Since the PTA shirts have not been distributed at this time, no one should be out of dress code at this time. First period teachers, when the announcement to look at dress code comes on at 8:18, please look. Send anyone out of dress code to the office.

Classroom Tip of the Week! Vocabulary Strategies

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A Word About Tardy Stations

Tardies USED to be a huge problem. Teachers came up with the tardy station solution. And it worded phenomenally! This year, we have noticed that tardy stations are often left unmanned. If you have any questions about how it works, please see any teacher who was here last year. Please know that this is effective when we work together. It's Who We Are. Some pro tips for tardy stations: 1. Ask the child which class they are headed to instead of if they are tardy. This allows you to assess whether they are in the right spot and then you can walk them to their next class. 2. Now that classes are less spread out, they shouldn't be walking the halls. Grab them as they walk by and have them come on in your classroom instead of making the rounds with friends. 3. Teachers being in the hallway encouraging them not to be late helps a lot! Make sure that you are not distracted by your chatty neighbor. Thank you for your help!

In Case You Missed It- 6th Advanced Science

Team Gravy Update!

We have started points over for this new six weeks. Make sure that you are putting your name on the bulletin board sheets in the lounge in order to earn points for your team. The taco bar was delicious! Thanks for all who helped to make that happen!

Cavazos Athletics

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Some Sweet Cavs Serving their School...It's Who We Are!

Click Here to See Fun in Mrs. McCann's Class

ELAR had a fresh start this week. Look how happy they are!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Two of our students were interviewed by LISD TV.

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Coach Ramirez randomly selected Damian Felix

Damian chose Cavenders for his $30 gift card!
Click here to see Coach Ramirez being great!

Coach Ramirez was helping PTA randomly select the lucky perfect attendance winner for Fair week!

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Perfect Attendance Shout Out

Hey 3rd period! Remember to have your students Shout Out when you have perfect attendance. Record how many days of perfect attendance you have this six weeks and you earn points while your kids get a treat! Let's do this!

Encourage your students to try an after school club!

What costume will you choose? Start planning now! Participation=Points!!! Easy Points!!!

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