Tech Tidbits

TPS Instructional Technology, May 2013

Help Video of the Month

Battery Removal

Upcoming Tech Classes

  • May 15 - Podcasting @ PDC Lab 7 with Jack Leiman

  • May 28 - Adobe Premiere in the Classroom @ PDC with Lance Cadena

  • May 28 - Online Resources for Communicating @ PDC with Sherri Desseau

  • June 6 - Online Resources for Communicating @ NE Tacoma with Sherri Desseau

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Classes at the Puget Sound ESD in Renton:

  • June 8 - Introduction to Windows 8 with Sherri Desseau

  • July 18 - iPads for Educators (iPad or iPad Mini included) with Sherri Desseau

  • July 23 - Tips and Tricks for iPads with Sherri Desseau

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SWIFT version 2 is here, and we are helping staff make the transition into the new version.

The Instructional Technology department is offering brief training sessions for every building. We would like to help teachers move into the new SWIFT v2 before the end of the school year so as not to get in the way of eSchoolPLUS training in August and next fall.

Please speak with your building administrator to see if training has been scheduled for your building. Otherwise, you could attend a session offered at the PDC. More information coming soon.