January - 2016

January is almost over! I absolutely cannot believe how quickly time flies. We've been to SHOT Show Vegas with Killough Shooting Sports. The kiddos are busy with cheering, baking, and basketball. And, Baseball will be starting in about a month. In addition, our travel with the Professional Shooting League and American Rimfire Association will kick off again soon. Needless to say.... it's a WILD & CRAZY life!

As this month wraps up, I hope you are getting back into a "normal" routine after the holidays... well... whatever "normal" is for you. I hope you've stuck with your New Year's Resolutions. Which... I hope include feeding yourself healthy stuff so you feel fantastic. Nutrition or lack of nutrition sure make a huge difference in how we feel emotionally and physically.

I hope your January has been full of fun and laughs and lots of love!

I'd like to share with you a few nutritional products you may be interested in. The Thrive 1-2-3 system is the foundation of great nutrition. It is how I've started my day for over two years! (and I would not do it if it were not #1 simple and #2 effective). The Thrive Product Line also offers a variety of other products which offer support for weight loss, joint pain relief, rest, energy, and detoxing. I would love the opportunity to help you Experience Thrive! You deserve to feel your best!



Dawn Killough

Simple and Effective! That's What I love & That's the ONLY way I've stuck with it for 2 years. OH... and I get it FREE... so can you!

I'm available to answer questions and help customize a Thrive program for YOU!



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