The Covey | December 2014

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December Events:

Sunday, December 7th at 3pm - kids come in pajamas! It’s Polar Express & Holiday Crafts in the ladies card room with hot chocolate; Parents watch the Chief’s Game in the Alvabar!

Sunday, December 14th- Holiday Cheer Brunch; Reservations available 10am to 1pm

Tuesday, December 23rd- BIRTHDAY BUFFET – Note this is NOT the last Tuesday in December. There is no buffet on December 30th
Wednesday,December 31st- New Years Eve Bash

Book your holiday parties at Alvamar!

Time to book your holiday parties at Alvamar! With our panoramic views and limestone fireplace, Alvamar is the perfect setting for your Holiday parties with your family and closest friends. We book quickly, so call now! 785.842.7767 ext 219.

Welcome New Members!

Eugene & Jo Ellen Greenlee

Enjoy Alvamar!

A letter from Bryan Minnis..

We had a great All Membership meeting last week that was attended by nearly 400 of our members. The discussion and presentation by Bliss Sports went well and for the most part everyone seemed to be pleased by improvements soon coming to Alvamar. The anticipated closing of the sale should occur sometime in the beginning of the second quarter of next fiscal year. Bliss Sports along with Orion Management are committed to continuing an excellent private club experience for all our members. The promise of 36 holes going forward and no increase of dues for 2015 were welcomed assurances for all our members. The new amenities planned for the near future are pools, new clubhouse facilities, fitness facilities, banquet facilities, indoor/outdoor tennis, lodges and new irrigation lakes around the golf course property. These changes will make Alvamar one of the most celebrated and desirable clubs anywhere in this part of the country. It is important to also note that Bliss Sports has committed to our members that anyone in good standing with the club at the time of ownership change will not have to pay any initiation to maintain membership privileges. Bright days are ahead and we look forward to sharing this special time with each and every one of you as we watch this long awaited time unfold.

Christmas on Crossgate

Once again Alvamar is hosting its annual outreach to families in our community that are experiencing a tough time this Holiday Season. Already we have received an outpouring of support for this year’s event. During our second annual Christmas on Crossgate event we will be hosting upwards of 30 or more families for Christmas Brunch and a special time with Santa Claus for the children. Each child from these special families will receive a present from Santa that is on their holiday wish list. We want to thank the many organizations who are helping us identify these families and their needs this year. You can help the Alvamar Ambassadors and the Alvamar staff by making a donation to this worthy cause. A suggested gift of $100 will help purchase presents and gift cards for the children and their parents. Your gift of any amount may be added to your January billing for your convenience. Christmas on Crossgate will be held December, 14th beginning at 2pm with brunch and fellowship for each family. Please contact the club to make your donation. Thank you to all our Members and may God bless you and your family this Holiday Season.

A letter from Greg Moore...

It is hard to believe that it is already December, and this is my last newsletter piece. First let me start off by saying thank you for letting me serve as your 2014 Alvamar Executive Committee President. My family and I truly enjoy coming to Alvamar and being with friends and meeting new ones. It has been a great year and a year of change. From the many trees that fell during the spring storm to the potential purchase of the club. While change causes uncertainty, it can also bring great things.

When we had the “All Member Meeting” this past month, and as Bryan was reading off all the names of volunteers, I was truly amazed at how many people unselfishly put in their time and resources to make Alvamar what it is today. That was the beginning of the many positives that I took away from that meeting. The number of members that turned out and the great questions that were asked showed me that we have a passionate membership. The presentation by the buyer was very positive and showed good foresight in potential opportunities at Alvamar. While there will be some changes, I believe in the end, they will be positive for our membership and the Lawrence Community.

I will leave you with one last thought. The Alvamar Ambassadors and the Alvamar Staff are putting on “Christmas on Crossgate” again this year. This was a huge success last year, and we hope to make it an even bigger success this year. We helped more than 20 families by providing them with a Christmas meal, toys for the kids and gift cards so the parents could purchase groceries. If you can, call down to the office or email Valerie Woodhead and have her put a donation on your next month’s bill. Any amount will help and will go a long way to help out these less fortunate families.


Greg Moore

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December Golf Updates:

We in the Golf Department wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season. During this season, both golf shops will have many sale items available. We can supply you with everything from a small office exchange gift to new equipment and or clothing, all at wonderful prices. If you are looking for something to really help you game for 2015 then inquiry about lessons with Paul, Ryan or I. Lesson can be used once the weather breaks in the springtime, or in one of the hitting bays before you head off for that winter golf vacation.

Looking ahead to 2015, there could be many possible changes that will occur. All of us in the Golf Department are excited to see what will be coming in 2015 and beyond. We believe that this is a positive step in providing you with the best experience possible.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Eric Magnuson

May thy ball lie in green pastures... and not in still waters. ~Author Unknown


|Paul Hooser|

The gift giving season is upon us and Alvamar has some great items, deals and ideas for your golfers. We have many exceptional values if you are looking to make a golf equipment, bag or ball purchase. Come by the Public shop and check the great deals that we have. I can give you a hint that the golf ball prices are the best in Lawrence. The golf shops also have a great selection of apparel and jayhawk apparel.

If you are looking for something a little different, consider giving your golfer a certificate for some help with their game in 2015. There are numerous coaching options on under the Academy drop down and Individual Coaching. The options on the website are with Paul Hooser, but packages are available with any of our golf professionals. The options run from a single lesson to the entire upcoming year.

It has been said that it takes 2,000 repetitions to change a habit. Good habits are hard to break, so this winter would be a great time to get a start on good sound fundamentals for your golf game.

The Fundamental Focus package is ten sessions of ten-fifteen minutes each with options in four categories; the grip, the starting posture, ball position and alignment or the swing, start-impact-finish. Focus on your fundamental that causes you issues now and start Golf 2015 ready to go. The short sessions will be scheduled at your convenience with Paul. We have a couple of four pack options of half hours that could be taken; outdoors, in the bays or in the snack bar studio. They are four adult half hours $170 and four junior half hours $130. Call Paul Hooser today at 842-1907 to get started or email to

ACCWGA Updates

Happy Holidays from Alvamar Country Club's Women's Golf Association.

There are so many new and exciting things going on at Alvamar right now. Our Association is looking forward to the coming year. We have fabulous practice facilities and a very accomplished Paul Hooser ready to help you keep your game in shape during these next several months.

ACCWGA wants to remind all lady members we have an 18-hole and 9-hole group that play every Tuesday from April through September. We will have our sign-up sheet for next years play in an upcoming addition of the Covey. Please consider joining us for fun and friendship.

Pat Paul

ACCWGA President

December: Tee to Green

By Kent Morgison

Some of you may be wondering why we need to restrict carts to path during the winter months. Below is a very good read from the USGA explaining the benefits for this policy, and potential pitfalls for facilities that do not implement this rule.


During a recent week of course visits in the St. Louis area, the obvious signs of cart traffic were evident on zoysiagrass fairways, especially when comparing those that receive moderate to heavy golf cart traffic throughout the winter to those that do not. In most cases, it is too early to determine the degree of winterkill or the square footage (and in some cases the acreage) that will require sodding, as the zoysiagrass has yet to fully emerge from winter dormancy. While zoysiagrass sod is not currently being purchased in large quantities, sod producers are fielding calls from turf managers ensuring its availability, if and when it is needed.

Winter cart traffic on zoysiagrass fairways is a growing concern among experienced turf managers who have witnessed severe winterkill and who are worried that a potential disaster looms in the future should the northern transition zone experience a severe winter in the coming years. Given the absence of significant turf loss in recent years, golfers and turf managers alike have forgotten the potential for winterkill damage on warm-season turfgrasses in this region. Additionally, the younger among us may simply not have experienced a winter in which severe winterkill damage has occurred. Even golf facilities have relaxed winter cart use restrictions over time. Despite this current trend, relaxing the standards on cart use when zoysiagrass is dormant is risky.

The abbreviated growing seasons for zoysiagrass during the last two years have actually further contributed to the potential for severe winterkill in the upper transition zone. More specifically, recent summers have been much cooler than normal and have combined with greater than average rainfall. The overcast skies, when added to the cool and wet soil conditions, have further hampered zoysiagrass growth and thus, there really has not been a full season of active growth or recovery.

With low mowing heights being maintained late into the golfing season, zoysiagrass also is not as durable. A lack of leaf tissue disrupts necessary carbohydrate storage and hardening off that are key plant functions during fall, thereby leaving the zoysiagrass in a vulnerable state, as it enters winter.

Below are some of the risks and side effects of winter cart traffic on zoysiagrass fairways. These may largely be applied to bermudagrass as well.

· Slow spring greenup – Zoysiagrass exhibits excellent wear tolerance, but not when it is dormant and unable to recover through growth. As such, the effects of winter traffic accumulate, and this results in a less-than-durable stand of turf that is very slow to green-up in the spring.

· Soil compaction – Oftentimes soils are not completely frozen during winter play, and wet soils are easily compacted. Root systems are sacrificed and poor turf health follows. Additional aeration is needed on fairways that receive winter cart traffic.

· Weed contamination – Thin areas or wear patterns often develop in high traffic areas and voids in the zoysiagrass are quickly established with winter weeds or resident bermudagrass populations. Winter weeds are fairly easy to control, but bermudagrass contamination in zoysiagrass can be a major, if not expensive, problem.

· Large patch (zoysia patch) – Damage from this turfgrass disease often lingers for weeks and months where zoysiagrass, weakened and stunted from winter cart traffic, is very slow to recover and unable to grow given the damage.

· Weakened turf - The biggest pitfalls of winter cart traffic are the season-long weakened state of zoysiagrass and the increased potential for future turf loss.

As more golf facilities open up their fairways to winter cart traffic, those that do not face increasing pressure and criticism from golfers to do so. Unless this trend is reversed, it is just a matter of time before we learn the lesson…..once again…..the hard way, as basic plant physiology and agronomics have not conquered all that the environment can dish out.

Hopefully, this explains in better detail the advantages of this policy. Thanks again for your understanding and adherence through the dormant months. As always, if you have a condition that requires a handicap flag, check with the pro shops and weather permitting, they will be more than happy to accommodate you.


Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage:

Happy Holidays! It was great to see so many members take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day Brunch at Alvamar. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and our reservations are filling up fast. Please make your reservation early to guarantee your spot at Alvamar’s biggest party of the year.

Try this White Christmas Cocktail at your next holiday party!

Jen Nuessen

Food & Beverage Director

December's Recipe...

Do you have Leftover Turkey ? Here is a good use for some of it!

Turkey Mornay

Per roll:

1 slice turkey breast( cooked)

1 Blanched broccoli spear

3 oz Mornay sauce

Make mornay by Making a cream sauce then melting Swiss cheese in it. Wrap turkey around broccoli, cover and heat in oven or microwave.

Plate, then drape with sauce

Until next month, Good cooking. Chef Matthew.

Buffet Nights:
2nd–Prime Rib
9th – Home Style
14th-Holiday Cheer Buffet
16th –Pasta Night
23rd --Birthday Night

31st-New Years Eve buffet and Breakfast

Holiday Cheer Brunch Menu:



Carved Roast Sirloin

Seared Salmon with Raspberry butter and toasted Pecans

Chicken Breast with Spinach and Sundried Tomato Cream

Cranberry and Pineapple Glazed Ham

Mashed Potatoes

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Saffron Risotto

Green Bean with Almonds

Green Beans Almandine

Also Featuring:

Breakfast Bar

Salad Station and dessert display

Our Menu | Call the Club and Press 1 to to place your to-go order for lunch or dinner!

Alvabar Lunch & Dinner Menu-NEW!

Ladies' December Bridge

Ladies Bridge:Friday, December 12th,2014
Please make your reservations by noon on Wednesday, December 10th. To make reservations call Carolyn Phillips ( 785) 865-5927 or Carol Smith (785) 856-5049.

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