White Power

The Good And The Bad


January 17, 1893 president Benjamin Harrison, president Grover Cleveland, and minister John L. Stevens played a major role in the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

Historical Significance

i think the over throw of Hawaii is an important event in U.S. and Hawaiian history. I think this is important because Even tho many tragic events happen during the process, Hawaii today is vary helpful to the united states, as well the United States are vary helpful to Hawaii as well. The main lesson i want readers to know that even though Hawaii is a major asset to the United States today, there were many riots, deaths, conspiracies, and many unfair advantages.

Is Hawaii Legally And Lawfully A State of The Union

After studying the overthrow of the Hawaii kingdom, i say that the foreigners had no right to make Hawaii part of their union. When foreigners first started to come to Hawaii, Hawaiians welcome them to their costumes and land. But when they saw Hawaii's true potential they slowly sought out to control the islands. They didn't have hard time do so either because, compare to Hawaii, the United States had a stronger force.

Supplemental Information

On 4 July 1898 Congress passed the Newlands Resolution, which officially annexed Hawaii to the United States. This resolution was signed by McKinley on 7 July. On august 12, within the same year, a ceremony was held to lower the Hawaiian flag, And to raised the American flag. This ceremony was held at Lolani Palace. The following picture was taken on the day of the ceremony, showing the lowering of the Hawaiian flag.
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