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What is their battery life?

If you have single charged these small robots then they will work up to 3 hours that is 180 minutes non stop that is cleaning and that to if you have charged only the single bar of the vacuum cleaner but if you are doing full charge them it might make them work somewhere from around 5 - 6 hours maximum because it is a machine that is run on battery and it is very small so a big battery cannot be fit inside of it and this is why you should always make sure that everything is charged and easy to go because you never know what might happen and if your house is dirty and you want to clean it up you have no time then you can easily tell the vacuum cleaner to do it and the best thing is that they can charge themselves this means that if you have their resting stand then it is connected with a plug which should be on so that if the vacuum cleaner comes back to sit in its original place it will be charging and also it will be resting and this will make sure that it is always ready to clean on the users command.
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If you have a heavy use for this cleaner on a single charge, then the chances are that the battery of this robot might get finished within 60 minutes that is one hour, because it was on a single charge and was being used for different purposes like cleaning the house and along with that also reporting the different situation of the house from time to time which will use the battery a lot and this is not a very good thing to happens the battery can run out quickly, and the machine will automatically go to its original place if the battery is low so that it can charge and also take rest from the different commands that they are receiving from their user and this is a good thing that can happen to anyone in this world.
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