June 28 - July2

Dear Friends we invite you to our event in the summer, 2-6 of July in Straja, judetul Neamt - Romania, where we will practice the secrets of masculinity, femininity, Tantra & Shamanism!!

If you want to learn deep ancient rules for beauty, love and creativity this camp is for you!

Our school, The World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure, has a purpose to revive, bring to everyday life and share, secrets that people held for thousands of years about joy and meaning of life together with ways to remain eternally, young, stay in love with your beloved one and yourself and acquire power confidence and creativity in life.

Also you will learn deep shamanic secrets that will propel your experience of your life in other dimensions!

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In this camp you will learn:

  1. How to connect with the spirits of Nature and the Elements

  2. How to get rid of problems like psychological diseases, weakness, fears, jealousy, procrastination and other bad spirits that hold the human consciousness trapped in the underworld.

  3. How to connect with the spirit of joy & creativity and change your attitude towards yourself and others

  4. How to keep your etheric energy and energy of love to a high level and never fall back again to routine and boredom

  5. How to find your tantric partner

  6. And many more secrets and deep knowledge rooted in ancient wisdom and modern discoveries

You will also have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Fire walking ceremony, and ancient technique that help people to overcome inner obstacles, fears and raise the level of confidence in themselves and in their capacities

  • Ritual of Tantric Mystery that will help you awaken the kundalini energy, the most potent energy in our physical body which remains dormant in the majority of the people and which when awaken frees the person from personality blockages, fears, stress and deep depression

  • Secrets of Masculine Power and Feminine beauty and creativity that will help you to remain strong, healthy and young even in your latest years of your life

  • Creative Night – “The Secrets of Orfeas” that will open in you the power to believe in the Higher Part of yourself and open your path to communicate freely and express yourself in all situations and circumstances

  • And many more deep and amazing practices and rituals that will remain in your memory for ever and will open the path of your life and so many ways, bringing to you new opportunities, joy , love and understanding of how you were meant to be in your life!

    We are waiting for you with Love!

    Alexander – Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Healer

    For Info about our school & activities go to www.theworldofwisdom.org


Saturday, June 28th, 11am to Wednesday, July 2nd, 5pm

Straja, Județul Neamț, Romania

Straja, NT


Our event will be held in a beautiful place in nature in Straja, Județul Neamț, Romania

In order to participate in our summer Tantric & Shamanic Summer Camp you need to register and prepay the amount of 175 € (non-refundable)

The cost of participation is 350€ which includes the seminar, the accommodation and food.

If you will prepay and register until June 5 you will have a discount of 50€ - (Price: 300€!)

SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER!!! – Bring a small group of people (1-5) and you will have discounts (15-100%)

The participants will receive information referring special items they will have to bring with them in the camp for the tantric and shamanic practices!!!

Please register quickly because we have a limitation of 20 places available for this camp

For further information and registration please contact us in email: schoolofwisdom.info@gmail.com

or call at 0032 486 325 925


Our Goal Is To Guide You Down the Path of Self-Development by teaching
the following principles!

Spiritual knowledge,
you should expect to receive real results in your life.
We ground all of our highest spiritual knowledge in practical disciplines, methods, and
exercises that you can use to enhance the quality of your life.

Understanding, Only by understanding the deep principles of life can we develop
ourselves, act powerfully using our free will, become fully conscious, and realize who we truly are.

Return to the Ancient Ways. All wise people say that many problems of modern man have appeared
because we have lost contact with our own roots. We help you regain ancient
knowledge and to reconnect with nature.

Personal Empowerment, we believe each person is endowed with abilities, goals, and a life
purpose that is unique. And it is only when you receive individual support that
you can take control of your own inner qualities, talents, health, and
happiness. We provide that support.

Responsibility, each person is the owner of their own life. Using will, wisdom, and a
deep desire to improve their lives, our students generate profound changes for
themselves. We help our students understand and cultivate universal principles
and laws, but each must make the daily decision to

Open Mindedness, We remain open to new ideas and we are dedicated to teaching a
distillation of spiritual principles. We combine Eastern and Western traditions
in a synergy of wisdom that will improve your life according to your unique
desires, needs, and abilities.

We are spiritual, not religious. We embrace and encourage seekers from all different religions and
beliefs. We deeply study many different beliefs and systems to understand the
essence of their teachings, as we seek to improve the life of all people,
independent of their heritage. We also study Western research into the areas of
psychology, physiology, and quantum physics, along with the secret wisdom of
ancient civilizations (much of which has never been fully

Consciousness. We are introducing a new culture of consciousness into society; this
is a great need in our challenging times. We fulfill this through different
media such as media, books, magazines, lectures, workshops, courses, videos, and
websites. We are also building schools and institutions all over the world, each
one designed to address the unique needs of the local