Media News

by Tia Thomas

What Is The Media?

I believe that the media is a social negative and positive influence on society .The media consist of Channels of communication that serve many diverse functions, such as offering a variety of entertainment the media is a way to communicate and stay connected to others. The media also creates memories, spreads information (the media is not disposable); The Media can also be a negative thing due to things like identity theft, accidental leakage of confidential information and isolation. On Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram peoples identity have been taken too make a false account. The media is the main means of mass communication. The Media is made up of many different media’ s such as Advertising media, various media, content, buying and placement for advertising Electronic media, communications delivered via electronic or electromechanical energy Digital media, electronic media used to store, transmit, and receive digitized information Electronic Business Media, digital media for electronic business Hypermedia, media with hyperlinks Multimedia, communications that incorporate multiple forms of information content and processing Print media, communications delivered via paper or canvas Published media, any media made available to the public Mass media, all means of mass communication Broadcast media, communications delivered over mass electronic communication networks News media, mass media focused on communicating news media (United States), the news media of the United States of America New media, media that can only be created or used with the aid of modern computer processing power Recording media, devices used to store information. Media Literate means having the ability to understand the message and true intention of the media.

Budweiser Superbowl Commercial

Budweiser in the commercial for beer which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that everyone should come home to a little happiness Budweiser advertises/ promotes beer by depicting/showing that a military man was welcomed and appreciated for what he has done for his town and country Budweiser attempts to get viewers to drink beer in order to / so that they would feel a little happiness This commercial uses an enthusiastic tone which connects with people who purchase their beer product and military families.

Disney's Sweetheart Gone Wild

Disney’s Sweetheart Goes Wild ….Again!

Suwana McCreekn, Field Reporter

Mon. April 14, 2013

HOLLYWOOD-The talent Miley Cyrus made a tremendous performance on the mtv music awards. Her moves were swift and loose as she twists and shakes some booty for the fans grabbing their attention. The courageous Miley brings the animal out on stage singing her hit singles “We Can’t Stop”.

The infamous Miley shows her fans that you can be good and back as she twerks on the stage with the performers and bears. She then takes it to the extreme by accompanying robin thicke on the stage helping him sing his Hit Single “Blurred Lines” twerking on him with her big foam finger the crowd goes wild showing her fans there’s more to her than “Hannah Montana”.

My Fans are my inspiration and they know I’m all about fun being on stage just brings out the real me and there’s nothing wrong with that I embrace every moment of my life and by the support of my fans and the encores I know my performances last night were a complete success.” Said Miley The Disney sweetheart seems to be at peace with herself and so is her fans but is the world ready for miley and what she is bringing to the table?

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Passing A Test

Whether or not you are still in school, chances are that you will need to pass a test of some kind in the near future. If you are a student, of course, you will be all too familiar with the many tests that your teachers will administer throughout a semester. If you are not a student, you may have to take a test to obtain a driver's license, or a new job. While you are preparing for a test, you should leave nothing to chance; knowing how to study is actually just as essential for your success as your skills and knowledge. You should know precisely what, when, where and how to study; you should also know where you will be tested, and become acquainted with the testing facilities. What will the test be about? As unnecessary as it may sound, knowing exactly what your test will cover is the first thing you should worry about. Fail to do so, and you may run into three common mistakes. First of all, you could end up not covering all the necessary material and turn your test into a lottery-like game, as you try to guess the right answer or to find the inspiration for anything to write. you can also cover too much material and go beyond what is the test's scope. Knowing more is generally a good thing, but unnecessarily studying the details of a subject may generate confusion and waste precious time. Finally, relying on your knowledge or past experience, and supported by an unshakable optimism, you could also assume that you know exactly what a test is going to be about and decide not to seek any clarification. This attitude is particularly difficult to eradicate, as any incident that may happen “usually in the form of an unusually low grade “ is typically explained as the unavoidable consequence of the examiner's madness.

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The end of 1984 was very unusual and it really didn't make sense to me it kind of mad me mad what Winston had to do to gain his own freedom from big brother. I think Orwell work is weird but unique he has a mind of his own and his book makes you think about the real world and question some things. I do believe that 1984 is an appropriate criticism of our government in the modern world because the government is depriving us of our personal privacy and hiding important secrets from us. I would have ended the work differently if I was the author just to keep my readers on track and take in and understand how this is just a reflection of the modern world and what I could and can become. The most important thing I learned from 1984 is that the government can break you if you let them and to also be careful with what I put out into the world.

Media Literacy Course

In media literacy I learned that social media can take over your life if you let it. People are being deprived of their freedom and the government is built on lies and secrets. I also learned that the human mind is an interesting tool and can also be used as a weapon. Something’s I am taking away from this class is that people are different we all have different mind sets and that the social media should get less and less of my time instead of abusing it. Media Literacy is different from other language arts classes because media literacy focuses more on everyday people the media the government and what goes on in the world now-a-days where as language arts classes that I took before focused more on stories and grammar and vocabulary. To make media literacy class better the teachers should ask the student questions about their everyday life and what they think about the media the government and the people around them and how this plays and effect on their lives as well. Allow them to come up with their own assignments and more group chats.