Title IX

By: Omar Ahmad, Grayson Bennent, Tasia Comer, and Vince Klim

Title IX


. Supports other less popular sports

. Gives both genders equal opportunities

. Helps balance budget


. Taking from other sports to make it equal

. Makes others dependent

. Taking a successful male sport away

. Cut male programs to create new scholarships rather than create new programs

. Pull money from taxpayers to fund sports

I believe that Title IX does more bad than it does good.

Affirmative Action


.African Americans get a better change at getting educated

.Students at a disadvantage get a boost

.Diversity is desirable

.Draws people to areas of study and work they may never consider otherwise

.Some stereotypes may never be broken without affirmative action


.Leads to reverse discrimination

.Lowers standard of a accountability needed to push students to perform better

.Students admitted on this basis are often

.Condensing to minorities

.Demeans true minority achievement

I believe that affirmative action does more bad than it does good.