March's Newsletter

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HLHS is now enrolling!

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Message from Ms. Leticia Archuleta, Executive Director

Greetings Viper Community-

Happy Spring! There is much to share here at HLHS. As we come into the last two months of our school year we continue to strive for excellence for our future leaders. Students have been working hard on their exhibitions and getting ready to present on their knowledge acquisition. Our Senior Class of 2023 will be presenting their final Capstone presentations and getting ready for graduation!

The new facility is on schedule with the remodel. The new facility is going to provide our community with the space, equipment, and learning environment that will continue to expand opportunities that set HLHS apart from any other school. As we embark on our journey as a community school, we look forward to having the facility be a space for our families and industry partners to come together.

We will continue to have meetings to discuss facility updates. All are welcome. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions (Leticia@healthleadershiphighschool.org)

I am excited to announce that Health Leadership High School was selected as a finalist for the Building Hope Impact Awards!!

They will be selecting the Winner in each category May 1-5. Please check out this LINK on the announcement of the FINALISTS!

Here is the Facebook link as well:


Important Dates:

April 6: NMASR Testing

April 13: SAT Testing

April 27: Resource Fair (All are welcome)

May 1-5: Senior Capstone Presentations (Location: Thomas Bell Community Center)

May 9: Robing Ceremony Class of 2023 (Location: Thomas Bell 10 am)

**May 11: Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony (Location: Berna Facio Professional Development Center 11-12)

May 15-17: All students 9-11 grade Exhibitions

May 23-25: Student Led Conferences

May 26: Last day of School

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Leticia Archuleta, LISW LCSW LSSW

Executive Director / Principal

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Direct business line: (505) 328-4105 / HLHS General line: (505) 750-4547


Deeper Learning Equity Fellow

Check out more here: Deeper Learning Equity Fellowship

"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be." Rita Pierson

Message from Ms. Caro, Director of Community Engagement

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it today." Malcolm X

Greetings, HLHS Community!

Thank you all for your commitment to our school community. We appreciate you all attending our Student Led Conferences to celebrate our student work and those of you who attended our Spring Title I meeting. Family Involvement is crucial, and we know that our student success depends on working together as a community to provide our students with the best support possible. With that said, please join us to celebrate our final student exhibitions, which are scheduled for May 15th, from 1:30-3:45 pm, May 16th, from 9:45 am-12:00 pm and 1:30 pm-3:45 pm, and May 17th, from 9:45 am-11:45 and 1:15 pm-3:15 pm. Your participation is a great way to come and learn about the extraordinary work our students are working on.

Please join our Remind account if you still need to do so. Remind is an easy way to communicate information and provide you with meaningful, fast communication about the school and what is happening in our community. Our Remind Code is @ck47g4, and it is easy to use. Please communicate with your student's advisor if you have any questions.

Please help us share the word. HLHS is now enrolling new students. You can access our Lottery Form from our website @ https://healthleadershiphighschool.org.

Enjoy our monthly newsletter, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Carolina Quiñones-Suarez

Director of Community Engagement

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE. Albq. NM 87106

505-750-4547 x108

505-620-8920 (cell)

Message from Ms. Meg, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Happy almost Spring Vipers! Things have been so busy this month. Students had their Mini Exhibitions, our form of midterms and SHOWED UP! I am so proud of the students and their progress of what they've learned so far this semester. It speaks to their hard work and commitment . Also a huge shout out to teachers for preparing their students for these public demonstrations of knowledge.

I specifically want to recognize a few students who went above and beyond in their personal and academic growth. Daniela Navarro made HUGE strides this semester in not only her presentation skills, but her understanding of content knowledge. Jose Duarte was another student who stood out. This is Jose's first year with us and he made an impression on me with his organization of his poster and his understandable yet complex explanations about eye health. Finally, I'd like to shout out a group of students from Mr. Santos' class, Alejandro Astorga Apodaca, Jennifer Gaytan, Ilan Arvizu, and Damien Guillen. They were so creative! The group gave detailed examples and connected various pieces of classwork to their overall project. Their individual strengths and collaboration were apparent by how easily they jumped in and added different pieces of information to questions asked. Alex was a clear leader who connected the dots, Jenny filled in specific details, Ilan engaged me as an audience member, and I saw Damien get excited and light up for the first time while talking about classwork.

Great job, staff and students. I love this time of year because it reminds me of our phrase, Juntos Podemos. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what's next for Final Exhibitions in May.


Meghan Tokunaga-Scanlon

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

HLHS General Line: (505) 750-4547

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Message from Ms. Denise, Director of Student Support

Greetings, Viper Family!

Student Support has been working with our students, assisting with their Student Led Conferences and Mini Exhibitions. Stella Lopez, one of our social workers, began implementing the Youth Mental Health First Aid Training last week, a six-week training. Student Support applied for a Grant through Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury's office for funding to implement a project for the Healing Center implementation. Student support has led the way in role modeling "Mindful Movement" (Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga) on Fridays during the last 30 minutes of PD. This Yoga is facilitated by the only TCTSY instructor in the state of NM Student support is continuing to educate and train our staff in Trauma Informed Care—social workers all attending the NASW NM conference during the week of March 29th -31st. The conference was "Social Work: Resilience in Times of Change. "Student Support is in the process of implementing a Resource Fair on April 27th. We are working in collaboration with Community Engagement.

We look forward to seeing you there, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Denise Armenta, LCSW

Director of Student Support

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd.

Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Message from Ms. Cinthya, our Registrar

Hello Viper families,

Time is quickly going by, and we are approaching the end of the school year and preparing to move to our new building; we will have the week of May 8th-12th, allowing students to turn in any laptops, hotspots, or books they have checked out.

We are doing registration differently this year since we are on a new SIS program ( PowerSchool). Please click the 2023/2024 pre-registration form so that we know your student is returning. If you have a new student or know someone who wants to join the Viper family, please use the same link.

Registration for returning students will begin on April 21, 2023, through PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you cannot access your account, please let me know via email as soon as possible so I can reset your password. You will receive an email with the login site and instructions the week of April 17.

Friendly reminder regarding our school hours. They are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 8:45 am-3:45 pm and Friday 8:45 am- 12:00 pm in the building and Asynchronized from 12:30 pm-3:45 pm.

On Monday-Thursday, from 2:25 pm-3:45 pm, students have X-Block, a required elective credit. Picking up your student before the end of class can impact their grade and the work they are doing, so please keep that in mind, but in case you need to pick up your student before 3:45 pm, please come to the front office and sign them out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Cinthya@healthleadershiphighschool.org or call me at 505-750-4547

Thank you,

Cinthya Olivas M.-MA

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque,NM 87106

Phone:505-750-4547 ext.# 103


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Message from Ms. Alyse, Social Worker

In March, Ms. Alyse, Dr. Roberts and HLHS Seniors saw so many cool demos and learned a lot about the many programs offered by CNM Central New Mexico Community College on College Day!

During March, HLHS Seniors also met at Little Bear Coffee and New Mexico Beef Jerky Company for Senior Breakfast Club!! Senior Breakfast Club is a student support group facilitated by Ms. Alyse every Thursday at a different local restaurant close to UNM and CNM downtown campuses.

Senior Breakfast Club provides a weekly opportunity for HLHS seniors to discuss important topics, support one another through the ups and downs of senior year, eat delicious food and learn new things out in our community together (i.e., how to find parking downtown, use a parking meter and good places to meet friends and study when they start CNM/UNM classes in the Fall :).!!


Enroll Now for the 2022-2023 SY

Alyse Moulton, LCSW

School Social Worker

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106


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A Warm Hello from Ms. Stella- Clinical Social Worker

A Warm Hello from Ms. Stella- Clinical Social Worker

Hello Viper community! This month we provided a Cultural Awareness Presentation for all students to help promote a positive school experience for all students. We are also set to begin additional presentations and/or groups involving topics such as anger management, substance use and healthy teen relationships.

We are also gearing up for the Youth Mental Health First Aid program that will begin and run through the month of April. This program is available to teens in grades 10-12, or ages 15-18. It will teach our students how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges in their friends and peers.

If you have any questions or would like to reach me, feel free to contact me at stella@healthleadershiphighschool.org.


Stella L. Lopez, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker / Student Support

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Direct business line: (505) 750-4547 ext 105


Message from Dr. Roberts, College and Career Coach/Equity Council Co-Facilitator

This month our seniors are preparing for the final exhibitions, engaging in literacy and internships, and preparing for graduation. We are excited about the work they are doing, and we look forward to the Robing Ceremony on May 9th and Graduation on May 11th. Our dual credit programs continue to thrive, and we are currently working to get students enrolled in prerequisite courses in order to participate in our CNA and EMS programs in Fall 2023.

Our Equity Council will be attending a training on April 29th at the New Mexico Diversity Conference for Youth. They will learn about topics on race, ethnicity, able-bodiness, sex/gender/transgender, female empowerment, religion, nationality, among many others. We are excited to participate to expand our Equity Council’s knowledge acquisition on issues of equity in our local communities. We continue to expand upon our Learning First Campaign—a project we have been working on since the beginning of Spring Semester. Students have now collected data surrounding barriers to education for HLHS students. They presented this data during their mini-exhibitions last month, and they are eager to begin the next phase of this project.

Dr. M.N. Roberts


Health Leadership High School

College & Career Coach

Equity Council Co-Facilitator


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Message from Ms. Kimberlee Peña Hanson, our Instructional Coach and Capstone Project Teacher

Senior Capstone

At the beginning of the school year seniors chose a community project, researched the issues, and developed a plan of action. These passion projects emerged as students understood the fundamentals of research, developed academic citations, and refined their public speaking skills. Topics include, Dental Care for Immigrant Families, The Importance of Bilingualism in the Community, Veterinary Services for Low Income Families, Support for Transitioning Veterans, The Impact of Domestic Violence, Hygiene For The Homeless, Resources for Pregnant Women, and Financial Literacy for Building Generational Wealth. For midterms, students designed and presented an in-depth website focussed on their issue and for Spring exhibitions, they wrote and presented, on a panel, an academic paper. Final Exhibitions are scheduled for May 1-5 and seniors are designing their final capstone projects, which will culminate in a documentary that spotlights their passion projects with a final "call to action." Students will present to underclassmen, teachers, community partners, peers, and their families. They will begin by sharing the story of their personal journey at Health Leadership by addressing the driving question, What does my success look like, and how do I want to prosper and thrive after high school? . Many students are busy with their community internships, and all students are participating in a paid literacy internship which is geared toward inspiring a love of reading and closing the skills gap. We kicked off the initiative with a trip to the bookstore where every student had access to 3 free books. Additionally, students are logging paid hours in Reading Plus (an adaptive reading program), collaborating with Books on the Bosque to build a small school library, and visiting bookstores and libraries city wide in the form of a grand finale scavenger hunt complete with a passport. Our mantra these days is Read, Read, Read!

Kimberlee K. Pena-Hanson

Senior Capstone, Instructional Coach

Scaffold for equity of access.

Differentiate for relevancy, self expression, and self-actualization.

Health Leadership High School 1900 Randolph Rd SE, Alb., NM 87106


(C) 505-228-2962

(O) 505-750-4547


Holistic 360 Degree Support

High Expectations Require High Levels of Student Support

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Message from Ms. Alyson, Project teacher

Coming back to ¡World Foodies! class this first week in April, students will receive a visit from Mateo Carrasco from the Southwest Organizing Project and then visit the “Project Feed the Hood” community garden during Wednesdays in April. With hands-on help from the folks at SWOP, students will learn about why our communities not having enough to eat should be everyone’s problem, and how health disparities can often be traced to growing up with convenience stores and fast food being our main sources of calories. Project Feed the Hood not only helps students understand where food comes from, but also connects them to the agrarian lives of many of our ancestors. We will discuss how making new habits of engaging in local food production, taking some control of fresh food options, and eating less-processed foods can positively impact our communities’ health outcomes.

The Guitar Theory class will be studying some songs by Kevin Kaarl, a favorite singer songwriter, in order to coordinate strumming rhythms in our right (rhythm) hand on guitar.

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Message from Mr. Campo, Project Teacher

Project A:

Congratulations to all students who participated in Project A Olympics over the past three months. You have worked incredibly hard to learn about one of the most cherished sporting events in the world, the Olympics.

You've researched the Olympic Games' past as part of your project, from its inception in ancient Greece to the current competition that unites athletes worldwide every four years. You have also researched the Winter Olympics, learning fascinating information and tales about some of the most famous incidents in the competition's past.

Your presentations before leaving on Spring Break left us speechless. All aspects of your projects demonstrated how much effort, commitment, and passion you put into the topic. We are pleased with how much you have learned and developed over the past three months, and we look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future. Bravo to all of you!

Project B

The Project B Workout Warriors have diligently studied the value of healthy eating and exercise for a healthy lifestyle for the past few months.

You have mastered reading and comparing the nutritional profiles of various foods throughout your project, and you know how to tell what foods are healthy and which are not. You've also examined the advantages of regular exercise and how it can enhance physical and mental health.

We were impressed by the Mini Exhibitions you displayed for the rest of the school, showcasing all the knowledge you had gained throughout your project. Your dedication, effort, and passion for healthy living were demonstrated in every facet of your presentations.

We hope that your participation in Project B has provided you with a strong foundation for healthy future decision-making for yourself and those around you. Workout Warriors, continue the excellent work!

Ms. Ortiz's Project Classes

The students' Mini-Exhibition was to complete and research the chemistry behind making a sandwich. Six ingredients were to be used and demonstrated. Students were to identify each chemical or biological component of each element and explain the reactions in depth.

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Dream Makers have been working hard to find a Pathway to cure Alzheimer’s, caused by Type 3 Diabetes.

Scientists say that Type 3 Diabetes is a significant cause and link to Alzheimer’s.

Students prepare their research and scientific data individually and as a group based on the pillars they were required to research.

Pod 1- Food, drinks, alcohol, tobacco consumption.

Pod 2- Environment

Pod 3- Medication- Side Effects

Pod 4- Health Care and Insurance

Pod 5- Symptoms and Activities

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Message from Mr. Santos

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Mr. Sonny's project classes!

Dear Students, Families, Colleagues and Partners -

While the weather has been awkwardly cold this spring in Albuquerque, the enthusiasm for learning in HLHS remains high. The midterm exhibitions and exams just ended before the spring break. To keep the momentum going, after the spring break, students are working hard virtually towards academic goals and community service learning in the week prior to the start of the 2nd half of the semester.

A big shout-out to all our students for the great progress they have made in all our math classes and other project classes. For the remainder of the school year, a new learning program in our advisory class has been introduced by Ms. Lupe. In this program , students will learn the knowledge and skills of being a student teacher. As we continue to work together and strive for the academic excellence and social emotional development, her legacy looms!

Ms Lupe and Mr Sonny

Enroll Now for SY 2022 ~ 2023

Sonny (Diankang) Sun, Phd


Health Leadership High School


(505) 750 4547

(505) 289 6918 ( cell )

Message from Ms. Marrujo, Project Teacher

Hello Parents and Community Members,

April is National Poetry Month!

The students have been working on acrostic, diamante, and black out poems. Below are some examples of student work. The objective of black out poetry is to take a prior written and printed material to create a poem or short story.


Mercy Marrujo

Project Based Learning Instructor

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE. Albq. NM 87106


Cell: (505) 321-5074

Message from Mr. Zamudio

A few weeks after the end of our second semester of this 2022-2023 school year, I want to invite each of the students to enjoy the fruit of the effort achieved and successfully conclude the remainder of it; Paraphrasing Einstein, everything learned before should allow us to be better today and have hope for tomorrow since the most important thing is not to stop questioning. However, curiosity, having its reasons for existing, is up to our decision to feed it continuously and use it to our benefit and that of the community in which we cohabit. Thank you, parents, for your continued support; as usual, I invite you to review your student's progress reports and monitor the timely submission of their assignments.

As students, parents, and teachers, let's always team up since none of us will be as good as all of us together, and for these last days of school, let's not only count the days; let's always make the days count. Thank you!

Omar Zamudio

Math Teacher

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph St. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Email: omar@healthleadershiphighschool.org

Phone: 505-934-9070 Ext.122

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Message from Ms. Savannah

Hello HLHS families,

March has been nothing but hard work for our students and I couldn’t be more proud.

The first time I came to visit Health Leadership High School was Fall of 2022; I came as a community partner to evaluate student exhibitions. I was blown away at the creativity, hard work, and dedication their projects demonstrated. Although they all took the same class their projects told different stories. I left the school that day feeling inspired for our youth. A few months later, spring 2023, I am evaluating student exhibitions as a their teacher. I can say I am just as blown away as the first time. Overall, the spring 2023 exhibitions were a success.

I hope everyone has a restful break. ASL students - keep practicing!

All my best,

Savannah Rivera


Savannah Rivera

Educational Assistant and ASL teacher


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