Hour of Code

Little Elm Students Participate in Hour of Code

Cool Kids Code!

Little Elm students in grades K-12 participated in "Hour of Code" this week, joining millions of students across the nation as they learn coding skills to increase awareness of computer science education. This is an opportunity for students and adults of all ages to learn coding basics regardless of technology skills. Once participants have logged an hour of coding time they are eligible for a "Certificate of Completion" to document their participation.

On the Hour of Code website are "unplugged lessons" for classrooms that have limited access to technology. These hands-on activities use common items such as cups, playing cards, and beads to develop an understanding of code without the use of a computer. The website also includes dozens of online self-paced tutorials for ages 4-104 that range from beginning coding to more advanced skills. This year Little Elm had more participation than ever before, with students in grades K-12 across the entire district learning and developing 21st Century Skills, all while having fun!

When asked if he thought these skills would be useful to him in the future, Hackberry 5th grade student Ehitale Ojiefoh replied, "Ya, I think so because like some people want to be a soccer player, but I want to be an inventor so it may be essential for me to know how to code to create computer programs."

Other quotes overheard throughout the week include:

"Students at Chavez have taken the link to continue coding at home. They can't believe people get paid to do this!" Jane Connolly, Instructional Technology Assistant.

"The students are doing it now and they are completely immersed!" Little Elm HS teacher Dawn Ramirez.

"DesafĂ­a la mente." Luis, 8th Lakeside MS student.

"I sometimes have to stand up and physically turn my body so that I know I am turning the correct direction." Blake, 8th Lakeside MS student.

Oak Point 5th grader said, "Coding is both frustrating and challenging, but the good kind!"

Don't expect coding to end just because the week is over. Several campuses are kicking off coding clubs in addition to participating in this nationally recognized event. Students of all ages have learned they can code and...cool kids code!

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Carolyn Robinson, Kindergarten Teacher

The kids were looking forward to today after my mini-introductory lesson yesterday. They did amazing!! You actually see how hard my student is focusing on figuring out the code. He never gave up and eventually he got it!! Most students learned through trial and error. It was a great experience and I look forward to implementing more technology in our daily routine.