The Road To Perseverance

By Nicholas Pintar

What is Adversity

Adversity is the struggle that we have to preserver to triumph. Adversity can be anything that stops you from doing a task or goal.

Comparing And Contrasting The Triumphs Of Leroy And Dartanyon

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This Is A Picture Of Leroy And Dartanyon (Leroy to the left and Dartanyon on the right)

Steps to Perseverance

First you need to have adversity. After you have adversity you need to start persevere through it. To persevere you have to keep going around, through, or whatever it takes to overcome adversity Finally after you over come it you have triumph.

The Effect Jackie Robinson Had on MLB

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This is a picture of Jackie Robinson

Adversity Problem And Solution

The problem with adversity is that it prevents triumph. To fix that, you should persevere to through the adversity and after that you have triumph. If you persevere, you will most of the time overcome adversity to triumph.

What Can We Take From These People's Adversity and How They Overcame It.

What we learned is that we can affect the world if we persevere. We can accomplish our goals if we try hard and overcome adversity. If you give up nothing will change, so never give up on your dreams and overcome adversity.


Overall we should always try to overcome adversity although our perspective of it may be impossible we should try to overcome it to make a great world or change.