Guide to Planet Earth

By: Alec Stewart

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The Earth is the third planet from the sun. About 71% of its surface is covered by water; the rest by land. The planet has a significant magnetic field. It is orbited by one satellite, the Moon.
BEWARE!: Some of these places will be hot so be prepared to sweat. Also some of these places will also be cold so I would pack some warm clothes to wear so you don't freeze.

3 Main Physical Features.

Mt. Everest

A mountain in Asia, Also 29,029 feet tall. Mt.Everest is also known as Sagarmāthā in Nepal.
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An opportunity of visiting Mt. Everest is that you will get to climb the tallest mountain in the world.


There is a chance you could die climbing it.
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Packing list

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Camera
  • North face Himalaya suit
  • Compression tights

Travel tips

You will pass countless bridges some only made of wood, floor boards will be missing, possible Avalanches.

Suggestions for other places

The K2 mountain.
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Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a small archipelago made up of eight tropical islands.
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A great vacation destination. Most likely to have a good time in this area.


Having to pay a lot of money for food, gas, and a plane.

Packing List

  • Hat/visor
  • Map of the islands
  • camera with lots of memory
  • waterproof jacket

Travel Tips

  • Use the Honolulu airport
  • Colder between December-March (68-80 degrees)

Suggestions for similar places

The Caribbean islands
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Madagascar is an island in the Indian ocean off the coast of southeast Africa.
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To be able to see a lot of different cultures.
The three major religions in Madagascar are traditional, Christian, and Islamic. The traditional religion is the African religion. 52% of Madagascar's religion is Traditional. The second major religion is Christianity; 41% of the religion is Christianity and 7% is Islamic practices.


They have bad government and poor healthcare.

Packing List

  • mosquito repent
  • water
  • power strip
  • sturdy boots

Travel Tips

  • Whale season is June-half September
  • Most people hire cars

Suggestions for other places

The Hawaiian islands
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3 Ways to Regionalize the Earth

We have many ways that us humans regionalize the Earth. Here are three major ways.
  • temperatures
  • contents
  • time zones