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NO Official PLC's THIS WEEK!

Thursday, September 22nd: 1st Grade Teachers to BES 11:30-12:30ish. If you share an assistant with these teachers--please be aware of this change. (Teachers will need to leave about 11:00)

Coverage will be:

Durmire- Fox

Sweet- Harrington

Herman- Grindstaff

Please make sure these ladies know and that the teachers you share with know as well.

September 26th Benchmark Window closes--check rosters and data for completion.

September 26th all 3-5 teachers to meet with Sugar Loaf 3-5 to discuss math and reading--possibly vertically. Sugar Loaf typically has high reading scores and we had great math scores so I felt that meeting together to build off one another's strengths would be beneficial. This meeting will be at Taylorsville at 3:30-4:45. Opening some dialogue to see how they structure reading and what they feel is working is one of my goals. Please make plans to stay on this afternoon.

October 3rd all K-2 teachers to meet with Sugar Loaf to discuss math and reading--This meeting will be at Sugar Loaf at 3:30-4:45. Please make plans to attend.

**If you cannot make this meeting--please let me know.


Reminder that the window closes on the 26th--

Please review the tests below and make sure all have been completed. Rosters should have been updated to this point with any changes I have been given. Please make sure all students are accounted for and have been assessed.

Please make sure you SYNC R3D. You need to go all the way out of the program--logging out and resigning in to make the sync complete or it will only sync to your device.


K-3 Teachers--

We need to add to this document and make it comprehensive! These are the important words and skills students need to conquer each reading level. Please print this and use it often for planning and teaching.

Critical Vocabulary for Reading 3D

Behavior Intervention Site

This was a recommended site from Emily! Thanks! If you have a student who is struggling with a behavior--you can click the problem and it provides a list of intervention ideas. Great Resource!



Look at these resources for interventions. We will look at these when creating Tier II paperwork but just sending them in case you have spare time---LOL

Math Intervention Site


Intervention Data Base


Engage New York Parent Resources

go to the tabs on the left side to change grade levels.


Curriculum "WOW's" in the Building

  • Heather Houston your class is speaking in complete sentences with few reminders! AWESOME! Accountability and modeling make a huge difference with this! Thank you for your persistence.
  • Brooke continuing to reinforce language AND Growth Mindset! Love what I am seeing in your students.
  • Jennifer Muscarelli YOU ARE AMAZING! TES is a better place for instruction because of you! Thanks for all you do!
  • Terri--you differentiate for each student's ability, interests and learning styles. Love the effort, time and interesting ideas you come up with. The assessments you have added to ensure decisions are made on data--WOW!
  • Mentors and new teachers attending BT Meeting! Thanks for your partnerships together. Always remember that asking questions is so important--YOU must let someone know when you are unsure! Please listen to mentors and ask when you are unsure--we are all here to help!
  • Lindsay Atwater--thanks for letting me come in and reinforce TREASURE and Big Five! Your kids were really beginning to make connections to rising/falling action and an author's use of the pattern of three and suspense. Make THEM work!
  • Second Grade took their first end Module CFA for Engage NY! Great job being on pace and doing these checks for mastery and understanding. I am appreciative that you are teaching this program to FIDELITY. REMEMBER IF YOU ARE MORE THAN THREE DAYS BEHIND ON ENGAGE NY--You need to let me know so we can figure out how to catch you up.
  • Students learning the term dialect in a "specials class" but making connections to their classroom text! LOVE to hear connections across classes--this is learning!
  • Supportive staff members who put me in check this week and back on the path to "PUSH." Love you guys! Thanks for the support and love in this building--remember to lift each other and support colleagues because each day there is someone struggling! Individually we are good but TOGETHER WE ARE GREAT!
  • Productive first SST meeting. Thanks to all involved. We will begin discussing Tier II students ASAP as Benchmarks close. If you have a student who is "not making it" you should already have them identified for Tier paperwork!
  • I have noticed TONS of vocabulary discussions AND focused academic vocabulary instruction! LOVE that you are trying new things and keeping high priority words such as characters, setting, problem, solution, central idea, etc. in the forefront!

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Seek to Question...

Asking questions is what brains were born to do, at least when we were young children. For young children, quite literally, seeking explanations is as deeply rooted a drive as seeking food or water.

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