Music Therapist

By:Ally Wetstein

What is a music therapist?

A music therapist is a therapist that helps people cope and deal with mental and or physical illnesses through forms of music.
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A music therapist can make roughly 40 thousand a year. With more experience though they can look at making up to 72 thousand a year. A music therapist can also advance to a higher paying job after around 15 to 20 years of working.


I have to graduate high school

Apply to college and major in music

Take a science class and a phycology class

Take a music theory class to learn more about music.

What they do

  • Document their patients improvement.
  • Have group visits.
  • Individually have visits with people.
  • Use instruments such as drums or guitars
  • Have patients listen to singing or instrumental music
  • Try to help patients with mental and physical problems like; Alzheimer's or a traumatic brain injury.

About Me

In college I plan on majoring in music and taking a music theory class. I also am going to take science and phycology. I picked this career because I love music and phycology. A music therapist is a great fit because I want a career that helps people with their problems and helps them improve. I want my career to focus on music too so a music therapist is a good career for me.

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