Canada 2060


What will Canada look like in 2060? Will the population change in any way? How will the birth rate ,death rate change and natural increase change? How will immigration change by 2060? What will happen to the First Nations communities in Canada?
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  • Current Population; 34,834,841 however population will double by 2061; 63.8 million
  • From 12.6 thousand in 2009 the average growth rate would decline to 11.9 per thousand in 2060
  • Number of deaths will double starting from 243,500 in 2009 to 357,400 in 2035 and to 487,100 in 2058 then it'll decline to 486,900 in 2060
  • Large generate of baby boomers will reach high ages which means high mortality rate
  • Number of deaths will decrease meaning the end of baby boomers and into the ages of high mortality
  • Birth depends on the number of women childbearing age
  • Immigrants will have a big impact on the number of birth changes over time because most of the immigrants are in ages of childbearing
  • Population will increase at a slow pace
  • Birth rate & death rate will be low
  • Half of Ontario's population are immigrants mainly from Asia
  • Life expectancy will be 81 years;male and 87 years;female
  • Fertility rate 1.70/women


  • the current immigration rate is 250,000 per year
  • Ontario will have the most immigrants because of its climate and good opportunities for families
  • Immigrants mainly from china, Philippines, India and other Asia countries will arrive in Canada seeking for either better education, job opportunities, freedom and rights or for living in a save environment
  • Nunavut will have the least immigrants due to the cold weather and little job opportunities
  • Canada is known for being very diverse which will bring more immigrants
  • Immigrants means the population grow and birth rate will also increase
  • Immigrants will help Canada's economy grow
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First Nations

  • Canada's Aboriginal youth population is growing at triple the national average size
  • Young aboriginals are unlikely to graduate from high school and are far behind of a normal Canadian student generally in terms of completing post secondary education
  • However, Canada is coming to the point where most workers are retiring due to old age and we need the younger population (aboriginals) to help out the economy
  • Hundreds of thousands of young aboriginals won't be able to help due to lack of education which will affects our doctors, engineers, teachers etc
  • they would be given some of their rights and freedom from the Indian Act of 1876
  • They will fight for their health, clean water, education and most importantly equality
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