Age Discrimination

By: Adriana, Katie, Christopher, and Rashad

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is going against others with harassment treatment because of their differences.

What is age discrimination?

Age discrimination is the treating to others because of their age and where they stand. There are many situations with harassment that include being at work and of other employees. Mostly with older workers to younger workers.

Age discrimination in history

In 1967, congress passed the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in 1967 because older workers were threatened by the thought of getting fired because of their age. Older workers who are forty years old were in the fear of getting fired in replacement of younger workers. They were seen as not forty years old but instead over fifty. All of the most discrimination happened before the times of 1967, where before the Employment Act with elders but also discrimination happens to children and teens. For example, if a person wants to hang out with some ninth graders and they are still in middle school the older kids might not let them because of their age. Also, when people see a big group of teens in the mall they typically think that they are doing something wrong because of their age. That is not always true though because younger kids or even adults could be in a group doing something wrong also.


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Age Discrimination
Age Discrimination - The Story of Denver Baker Who was Fired at Age 58