Random Epedemic

Humanity turning to Insanity

The Insane Plague

Scientists have released shocking statistics, revealing that over 32% of humanity has been affected with R.P.T.S.R.T.R (Random people that say random things randomly). Its only a matter of time before tourette like symptoms effect our daily lives on a daily basis. If you see or hear anyone yelling the phrases 'bum fluff' or 'happy Haribo's' randomly then get them to an insanity clinic or get the £1,000,000 vaccination now! The disease is very infectious and will spread very quickly if untreated.

Lock doors and windows and do not answer your door to anyone. Try not to walk into them too.

Emergency Meeting

If your surrounded with randomness, please urgently make your way to your town's community centre. It is critical that you attend this meeting as there will be cookies and ice-cream being served. If you can not attend this meeting for whatever reasons, apply for a help sheet now at 0800 080 069. Click on the link below to recieve the document, and print it off at home.

Fight back the insanity today!