C/C book to book

Chasing the Falconers & The Cay


The characters in this book "Chasing the Falconers" are Aiden and Meg. They didn't have the best childhood because there parents work for the CIA. They are working on identify terrorist profiles on cell phones. On day one of the CIA agents disappears and Aiden and Meg parents are under arrest for treason and sentence to life. It's up to Aiden and Meg to save there parents, but their is one problem, Aiden and Meg are in Sunnydale its a juvenile detention center. Its were all the kids go if there parents are in jail and no relatives are able to watch them. The exposition for "The Cay." A young boy named Phillip is living in a little town, but is forced to move because Germany is invading his little town. Phillip and his mom is on a boat and getting away from the fight, but the boat got hit by a torpedo, Phillip got hit and was out cold. Few days later Phillip gets rescued by a name called Timothy, Timothy was a cook on the boat that crashed and sank.

Rising Action

Aiden is always joking around about burning the farm down, but one day Aiden actually burns the farm down and everybody starts to scream in horror. Aiden finds Meg, Aiden and Meg run away form Sunnydale farm. The next week they are trying to find why are there parents getting a sentence to life in prison. "The Cay" Timothy finds a island and gets there but, Phillip gets blind Timothy freaks out but Timothy knows survives.


Climax to the story "Chasing the Falconers" was when Aiden and Meg was looking for clues and evidence that there parent's are not guilty but the police are everywhere looking for Aiden and Meg and if they don't find evidence their parents are going to jail and Aiden And Meg are going back to Sunnydale. The climax for "The Cay" was when a big hurricane comes, Timothy and Phillip are trying to make shelter but its to late the hurricane is coming so clinging onto a tree in hope of staying alive.

Falling Action

As a result of the hurricane Timothy dies by the impact.


The resolution for "Chasing the Falconers" is, Aiden and Meg did find enough evidence to overrule the conviction so there mom and dad dont have to go to jail.The resolution for, "The Cay" is Timothy risks his life on the young boy Phillip. Phillip is doing everything Timothy told him to do so he can survive on the island. Phillip makes a fire to keep him warm, hours past and he hears a boat coming Phillip screams and moves his arms to get the boats attention. The boat see Phillip and days later Phillip get eye surgery so he can see again.


I think the theme for "Chasing the Falconers," is that never give up on family. Because Aiden and Meg never left their side. The theme for the Cay I think was, never push people away no matter what because you never know what their gonna teach you.