The Hunger Games

by: Suzanne Collins page count. 374

Why did I read this book?

I wasn't planning on reading the book, ssr started in school so I had to just chose a book. I used to think the book was just a chick flick kind book, but the book turned out to be a really good book with a lot of action!

In a life or death situation, would this book be a good read?

Honestly no. Even though the book is good, this is only the first of a trilogy so If this was the last book you read, you would die wondering!

Things I liked

  • The first thing I noticed I liked about the book is how they gave a good description of how and where katniss, the main character, lived her life before the hunger games.
  • Kind of like the first thing, I like how discriptive the book is with the scenery for instance, when katniss is in the woods before the hunger games the book describes it very good
  • Also when Rue dies in the hunger games, the book did a great on using imagery to show that scene.

Things I did not like

  • I realize the book is a sequel but it still bugged me how much the book left you hangin at the end!
  • Also in the book I think they could have used better imagery, for instance when they described the capitol it could have been better.


When I was younger, I would often find myself playing capture the flag with my friends. Since we were not near as athletic as out opponents, we would have to come up with great strategies to get the flag. Kind of like Katniss when she tried to get the food.

Favorite quote!

Page 20-22 Katniss quotes "I volunteer as tribute!". I love this quote because it really shows what a strong character she is.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend this book for everyone! Most people have already read it but if you haven't you defiantly should.