Perseverance Newsletter

By Patrick Turner

Winston Churchill the Magnificent Man.

Perseverance is when he or she is going their hard. Then he or she finds a way to help for the hard things that their going through. perseverance has helped many people go through changeling problems. Winston Churchill is an inspiring and intelligent historical figure. He was born in November 30,1874 in England. His childhood was not great because his parents were never home and he had a nanny that took care of him from birth. Thought out his life he showed leadership, patience, bravery, and eloquent. For example, when Churchill was leading Great Britain in WWII, he made an eloquent speech that boosted the moral of the people in Great Britain. He was also a great leader because he won the national election and was asked to become the Prime Minister of England. However, he was best known for leading Great Britain into WWII. He made the decision to lead Great Britain into WWII but he had no allies going into the war. Even knowing that Great Britain and the Soviet Union did not get along Churchill had ask for their help. This helped him stop Hitler and the Nazis in their tracks to dominate the world. Winston Churchill once said, “ with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostor just the same.” From this quote we know that Winston Churchill wanted the people of Great Britain to understand that even with triumph and disaster they would win the war. Winston Churchill is one of the most important historical figures in Great Britain.
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The Amazing Carroll Academy.

In the video losing to win it was about people that go to Carroll Academy. It is a private school for kids that most other schools cannot handle in their school. The main idea for watching the video losing to win was to teach us even knowing that there is hardships in life they keep persevering in their life. The main difficulty for Carroll Academy is that kids that go there parents have problems of themselves. Like some of the parents have no money, divorced, alcoholics, drugs, and jail. Some of the kids started down the same path like there parents. The answer to the problem is that coaches for girls basketball made all of the girls do basketball. This helped there epidemics in their classroom and get better grades. It also helped them trust one another in life. So when they were playing basketball they had 218 game losing streak. But for their last game of they had came close to winning but they did not. Then after the lost game one of the coach inspired the girls by singing to the girls. After all of the games that they had lost they were learning how to grow up and be responsible. The lesson that the kids were learning taught them not to grow up like their parents.

The Great Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was a famous baseball player in the 1947. The reason why he was a famous baseball player because when he was playing he received hostility from the other team and the crowd for his skin color and Jackie Robinson has quick resilience. Jackie Robinson impacted baseball by unknowingly joining Branch Rickey's “Noble Experiment” and his baseball team the Dodgers. As a result of joining the Dodgers had changed how baseball is played today. Robinson faced rejection when he began playing for the Dodgers. As a result Jackie Robinson contributed to the experiment to change baseball. In conclusion Jackie Robinson had changed how baseball is being played today by being the first black baseball player. Jackie Robinson had changed how baseball and how the country runs by being the first black baseball player. What we can learn from Winston, Jackie, Carroll academy, Eleanor, Leroy, and Dartanyon is that perseverance has many ups and downs in these people life. What we can also learn from perseverance is that it takes time to persevere. One example of this would be like how Jackie Robinson had to persevere throughout his whole of baseball career. That had to take time for Jackie Robinson to persevere.

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