What I would like to do

my future dream

What I want to do in my life

I want to work in a hospital and train to be a doctor .I want to do this job from my heart .I really want to be a doctor. I enjoy a lot working with doctors and patients.

I will have to study for a long time every day. I will need to take a lot of subjects in school .I have to focus and work hard to achieve that goal.

I will have to find every new in medicine. I will have to do a lot of researches. I have to learn how to deal with people and how to be calm and kind with patients and everyone I meet.

I want to go to a good university and find good teachers to help me reach my goals.

After that I will have to find a good hospital to work in and start as a new doctor.

My parents will be proud of me as all of my family and friends .I have got four cousins doctors .I am really proud of them.