Types of Government

By. Tori Boyse


The democracy is when everything is absolutely equal, everyone has an equal say in the government.

Examples: One example would be that If someone said that they wanted a dog in town or something then someone else could say their opinion not just one leader.


The Republic is when people elect other people to do stuff for them that is what the United states has.

Examples: An example is that they have people who want to become leaders and people elect the people who they want the canidants pay lots and lots of money to do ads and more.


Totalitarian is when 1 party has complete control over everyone.

Examples: An example is that you don't get to elect who makes your choices it's the most popular.


Dictatorship is when there is one leader that has a say over everyone so the government is based on one person.

Examples: An example is say somebody wanted to lead and they weren't popular so they tried and tried but if the leader or dictator didn't want to give them the spot because they didn't want to give it to them and that leader gets to say if he wants to hang people and just do his decisions.


The theocracy is when the government is controlled based oh what there religion is.

Examples:so say there are 2 different religions then one would be chose and the other wouldn't so they do stuff by that religion not the other.


This is a lot like Dictatorship because this is ruled by one individual too all the laws are made by one person.

Examples: For example One person was elected to be the dictator for another person to be the dictator that is ordinary would have to kill that person and claim it as theirs