September 29, 2015

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Research Staff

Our researchers will begin wearing name tags that say "RESEARCHER" in big red letters along with their names and the name of the project they are working on so that staff, teachers, students, and parents know who the researchers are at a glance.


A friendly reminder: Kate works her magic in attempting to schedule CSTs at a convenient time for all. Remember that parent participation is a must for the purpose of the Child Study Team, and at times outside practitioners may participate, so there will be times when CSTs will be scheduled at 7:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. to accommodate multiple schedules. Please make the necessary arrangements to be present.


  • Please plan and implement a procedure for change in carpool forms with your teacher assistants, students and parents.
  • Keep in mind that the forms need to be taken to carpool daily.
  • Some ideas: Have a folder or basket where students/parents place the form at arrival and TAs/teachers take them to carpool. Have students hand the forms to a classroom TA in the morning.

IMPORTANT: Facilities

Your trash may not be emptied every night due to the budget cuts in the facilities department. Please take out your own trash if it has any food or drink items, this will prevent four, six, eight legged friends from visiting.


Please see Shelley with any questions related to the below email she sent:

Please let everyone know that the reimbursement process is intended only for travel related expenses, not to be used to purchased goods and services. The university has an approved purchasing process that protects the university with specific terms and conditions. Reimbursements are purchased in the individual’s name and do not protect the university in the same way. There is also the risk that it will not be approved for reimbursement, and they may not be able to return the item.

I realize this is a big change for many of you. We are always working to improve the efficiency in the Business Office and have added a few different mechanisms for making purchasing, i.e., P-Card. We will work with you to ensure that you get supplies and goods in a timely manner and will continually monitor the process to further refine and improve as appropriate.

Going forward, please use the University mechanisms for purchasing goods and services.

Leave of Absence

When an employee goes out on a non-FMLA leave they are responsible for the full cost of benefits if they are not cancelled. Meaning, if you sign a leave of absence form with Vichelle and you do not want the some of the charges to be taken out of your paycheck when you return from leave, you must request that your benefits be canceled while on leave.


Faculty Meeting: Inter-level CGI Articulation

Wednesday, September 30th, 3:30-5:00

We will meet as a whole group in Rooms 7/8. Come prepared, as a level, to share your CGI goal for the year. Then you will meet to vertically articulate about math expectations, goals, ideas from one level to the next: Intermediate with Upper I, EC II with Primary. EC I will meet with Specialists to discuss how they can support the work that is happening in the classroom, expectations in regard to schedule (arriving on time) etc.


EC, tonight

Primary, Tuesday, October 6th

Fitzone Classes

Classes will begin the week of Sept. 28, in Rooms 7/8. Thank you teachers for your generosity with your space.

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm Total Body Workout

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm Zumba

Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm Yoga

Budget Application


Faculty Meeting Agenda Items

Deadline is Friday, October 2nd. Please use the link below to add any items you would like to address at our October 7th Faculty Meeting:

Staff Meeting: School Leadership Committee Purpose & Representation

Monday, October 19th, from 10-11am, in the conference room. Mark your calendars!


Our iMac computers for TAs, Faculty, and staff are en route. If you need a dedicated laptop for the time being please email Chris. Our Library MacBook Pros arrived and our Tech Team can configure those MBP laptops for you if needed.


Complex Learners: ED 196C

As many of you may know, a group of Lab School faculty, staff, and parents have been meeting since January to explore new ways to address the needs of complex learners in our classrooms. Stemming from the conversations, Drs. Connie Kasari and Jennie Grammer are excited to announce the development of a new Practicum course for Undergraduate Students at UCLA called 196C Apprenticeship in Teaching and Learning: Complex Learners School Practicum. Now that we have the course approved, we are looking for teachers who are interested in having additional assistance with students in their classrooms. A little about the course:

What is the goal of this course?

The focus of this course will be on the development of complex learners, with topics ranging from the development of executive functions and self-regulation to social interactions and peer relations. The instruction that the undergraduates will receive is designed to complement the experience that they will have in classrooms, where they will be available to assist students with complex learning needs by working with them directly and helping you as your monitor their progress. The goal of this course is for the undergraduates to gain a deeper understanding the educational experiences and needs of complex learners while also providing service to students, teachers, and staff at the Lab School.

Who will be enrolled in this course and working with children?

Up to 10 undergraduates who have expressed an interest in working with students and teachers at the Lab School throughout the year will be enrolled. The course is limited to students who have completed EDUC 132 (Autism: Mind, Brain, and Education), so they will also have a foundational knowledge in the needs of diverse learners. Building on what they have learned in previous coursework, Dr. Kasari and I will lead the undergraduate students in weekly meetings where we discuss research relevant to the needs of diverse learners as well as strategies for working with students on specific issues.

What’s the time commitment for you?

We understand that you are all very busy, and that having an extra set of hands – although often helpful – can also be an additional burden on your time. We will be supervising the undergraduates and working with them as they develop skills for working with your complex learners. Our goal is for 196C students to be as helpful and unobtrusive as possible. Although we will be supervising them, we would ask you to assist us in determining ways that the 196C students can be most helpful to you as we set up the practicum in the coming weeks and also that you be available to address their questions, appropriately timed, as they are working with your students. We also would ask that you provide feedback on how the undergraduates are doing in your classrooms.

Please let Renata and Jennie know if you are interested in having students from this course assist you in your classroom or if you have any questions about the course!

New Event and Project Proposal Form

Parents sometimes approach faculty or staff about new events, fundraisers, projects, and other ideas that need to be reviewed, approved, and thoroughly planned out before placing on our busy academic calendar. To centralize requests and facilitate the process, Laura Weishaupt and Judith Kantor developed an Event and Project Proposal form which the requestor may submit directly to Administration. The form is available on the parent wiki under Resources > Policies & Procedures, and on the faculty and staff wiki under Parent information and Forms. Please direct parents to the forms on these pages, or feel free to notify Kate Tirone in Administration to email the link to the parents (recommended, to encourage parents to make event requests from Administration). Viable requests will be reviewed by the SLC and TLC committees before adding to academic calendar.

Event or Project Proposal Form is available on the UCLA Lab School Parents Page at (Resources > Policies & Procedures)

Note, although the forms "live" in parent categories on our intranet, staff and faculty are welcome to use them. Feedback to further improve the form is also welcome.

T4T Delivery Service

T4T has a truck delivery service! A truck filled with materials comes to our site, and teachers shop from the truck. Please let Renata know if this is something you would be interested in.

Cotsen Alumni Group Grant

Grant guidlines:

Cotsen Alumni Group Grants - up to $1,500 for a maximum of five teachers. Cotsen alumni are eligible to apply for competitive grants to continue their collaborative learning with a particular focus. We offer $300 per participant with a minimum of three and a maximum of five teachers per grant. Non-Cotsen teachers may participate as long as the group includes at least one Cotsen alumnus. Applications are due Tuesday, October 20th. See Sylvia G. if you are interested.

Marcelo Suarez-Orozco

Dean Marcelo Suarez-Orozco authored an opinion regarding the Pope's visit that appeared on Monday, September 21 in the Boston Globe and on Friday, the 25th in the UCLA Newsroom. See link below for the article.



Please remember to send a short description of any professional development you have attended to share with all. Pictures are appreciated.


We were unable to achieve a 75% decision when taking into consideration the information your TLC representatives brought back in regard to a theme for this year. After taking into consideration your many wonderful ideas and suggestions, the administration chose the theme: [drum roll...] HARMONY.

Harmony with self, harmony in relationships, harmony in and with the environment, global harmony, harmony as seen in systems around us, harmony in social justice and the process to attain harmony, in relation to all the above and much more.


SLC discussed what worked and what didn't work based on last year's committee meetings. We began planning an ALL-staff meeting, discussed the procedure for representative nominations, and sent out a survey to all constituents. Current representatives are:

    1. Tricia - development, health, special needs

    2. Laura - operations, library

    3. Nancy - Technology, program coordinator

    4. Marie - EDP

    5. Sara - business office, front office

The all-staff meeting will be held on Monday, October 19th, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Please bring any questions, ideas, and comments you have to this interactive meeting. If you need coverage for your post, please email Renata.


On a select basis.....there will be a limited number of outreach visits that administration will lead, with some support from the related committee/teachers.

We will continue to have CGI-related observations/visits with El Segundo, Megan Franke, and perhaps other schools.



Kate is juggling everyone's schedule to set meeting dates for VST. Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 2 from 10-11AM. If at any time you have questions, concerns and compliments that are related to VST please send them to Kate. Laurie Ramirez is the demonstration teacher representative on VST.


Goals for the year

  • Implementation of Common Goals & Practices
  • Parent Communication & Education
  • Newsletters/Blogs
  • Session for TA’s and Parents
  • Name change
  • LTL Outreach

Who We Want to BE

-Name change

B3? Are we limiting ourselves?

Re-naming it is declaring the change?

How else do we need to brand it?

-subcommittee for re-branding

People at our school don’t all understand who we are

Mini-inquiry with Communications Firm.

Quality resources, equitable representation (Website)

Goals continued:

1. LTL families to help recruit more families who are bilingual.

2. Elevate language and valuing languages as a community

3. Family Read Aloud/Mother Tongue : Create a sculpture where everyone adds information WE VALUE MULTIPLE LANGUAGES

- teacher rep would work with Ding

4. Looking for a parent to represent our LTL

Further discussion: TA’s training, get all the LTL TA’s together

Next steps:

  • Oral Language Assessment, Dual Language (Literacy)
  • Funding: TIP grants? Renew? Norma to follow up with the Dean.
  • Dual Language Balanced Literacy Program. UCLA Community School. Collaboration. Alison Bailey, principal investigator to help us with initiative. “Professional Learning Community”


Goals for the year
    • Implementation of Common Goals & Practices

    • Level work with Megan

    • Parent Communication & Education

      • Newsletters/Blogs

      • Math is video & resources on new Website launch: Jan

      • Math morning

        • EC/Primary

        • Intermediate/Upper

      • Math celebration

      • Open Math class

    • Math Outreach

      • ESUSD

      • CGI visits? (math project? ESUSD? Cotsen?)

  • Math Conferences

Next Steps:

    • Continue the work with documenting units and planning
    • Intermediate will meet once every 2 weeks with a member from each team to continue math planning
        • Would like to create this structure at other levels too

        • Upper would like to get through October before thinking about this work

Action items:
    • All - talk with the levels about parent education and communication so we can develop guidelines at our Oct 21st meeting with input from your levels
            • Primary - determine 2 times between now and Dec. for ½ day planning with 1 member from each team

            • EC - determine 2 times between now and Dec. for ½ day planning with 1 member from each team

          • Future Agenda items:

            • Dialogue & reach decision about CGI observations

              • South Pasadena - January 22

              • ESUSD

              • Math project would like to tour some folks though some demo lessons

            • Math Morning(s) plan

              • dates:

              • who:

              • topics:


Goals for the Year

  1. Assessments--decide what to use for each level, what is being evaluated, what constitutes a 1, 2, or 3, ESR items--what would you want it to say, sight words, other literacy assessments, forms

  2. Finish units for each level--working documents, pare down verbiage

  3. Familiarization with Teacher’s College work in Reading and Writing

  4. Continuity across levels--analyze student work, words their way


International Literacy Association



Essential Question: How can we strengthen, communicate and document our inquiry pedagogy this year?

Goals for the year

  • Internal Training and Professional Development

  • Assessment and Essential Skills Report

  • Specialist integration, including iSTEAM Labs

  • Work on Sub-committees


· Social Justice (Kids for Change)

· Teaching with Primary Sources

· Reworking Critical Thinking Institute (Saturdays)


Action Items

  1. Teachers and Specialists, iSTEAM, library

  2. get a copy of literacy, science, math and

social studies curricula

2. Social Justice paid planning time all in their levels Oct. 2

could go into new budget proposal

due to Vichelle in Oct. 2

3. Intermediate Update of Scope

and sequence with teaching points,

learning experiences, resources, etc.

4. Facilitators for Oct. 14 meeting

  • determine location for meeting

  • put in tech request

  • email teams to bring a topic they

will document

  • copy documentation checklist

  • organize snacks


  • What has happened so far this year

    • Laurie and Beth have begun teaching in Intermediate and Upper

      • Have curriculum drafts for the 2015-2016 school year

    • Laurie has gone to some of the level meetings (still need to go to Intermediate) and given the Lesson Documentation form as well as reminding teachers in EC and Primary that we are working towards them teaching the Cool Tools lessons independently.

  • Long range goals for this year - we identified the following long term goals for the year (and beyond):

    • Want to create a template for our intervention policy

      • a template because each case is contextual but there is a structure too.

      • need to create a consistent language around this process as well

    • Solidify the process for Sort-it-Out forms

    • work on integrating the Pyramid of Success

    • Continue our work on further integrating Safe School into the classrooms

    • Plan 2nd Internal educator day or TA pd around Safe School

  • Set October 21 and January 6 as our full day retreat days.


For those interested in building your Spanish vocabulary one word at a time, we will publish a word or phrase in The Creek, use it in a sentence, and provide the English translation. Today’s Spanish word of the day:

To Sweat: Sudar

I am tired of sweating.

Estoy cansada de sudar.


Upper Robotics

Upper Robotics is in full swing! Thank you to Julie and Sylvia, as the team administrators and veteran coaches, who make this opportunity possible for our students. Vitali, Jacob, and Will Schwerdtfeger (Julie's son) work with the two teams on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, facilitating some of "hardest fun" these students have ever had! Their tournament will take place in mid-November - we will send dates, come out and support if you can!

Our First Assembly....Harmony in Personal Wellbeing

Thank you to Rebecca for translating, and Shanna and Nick for planning and preparing our first assembly! WooHoo, to our special guest from UCLA Athletics!


MaryLou Escobar

Marylou Escobar is our new demonstration teacher in Rooms 9/10. She has been a bilingual/dual language immersion teacher for the past 29 years and has taught grades Pre-K through fifth. She considers herself a lifelong learner and has a great passion for teaching. She and her husband Victor have been married for 22 years and are the proud parents of three teenagers ( 17, 18, and 19). MaryLou enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like the sharing of a great meal while conversing with family and friends. She can't wait to meet all us!

Eric Nunez

Eric Nunez is our new teacher assistant in Room17 and support on the yard for Primary lunch. He has a BA in fine arts from Cal State Northridge. It has been his dream to work at UCLA. He is interested in the early stages of development and particularly how eager young children are to learn.

Julia Salgado Santos

Julia will be joining Debi and Tanea as our third Positive Behavior Support Specialist.
Julia is originally from Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. She moved to the United States when she was about 9 years old. Portuguese is her first language, and she learned Spanish while living in South Florida. Julia is a proud Bruin Alumnus! She really enjoyed her time at UCLA and wanted to stick around, so you can imagine her excitement to be joining the UCLA Lab School community and meeting each of you personally! Now we have three Brazilians on staff :)

Questions... Comments... Put Ups...

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, celebrations, at our Newsletter email: