VCR Lesson 4

Government-Chris Song

Guess the Missing Word

Occasionally the Pope would take off his elaborate __________ and appear as an ordinary priest, giving alms to the poor in Rome.
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The Word Is... Regalia!

regalia (n.)-
1. Emblems and symbols of royalty, rank, office, or institution
2. Finery, elaborate attire

Plural in form, often used singularly.


The word is derived from the Latin noun
rex, regis m.
Which means king


  • apparel
  • caparison
  • frippery
  • insignia


  • Rags
  • Tatters
  • Disarray

Tips for Remembering Regalia

  • Regalia does not always mean a garment
  • Graduation robes are often called Regalia
  • Crowns, Scepters, even Colors (Roman Purple) can be Regalia
  • Think about Regal (yes, the movie theater company)
  • It uses a crown in its logo, one of the symbols used for royalty
  • Military officers often have symbols of their own

Which is the Incorrect Usage?

A. Queen Marie Antoinette lavished in rich regalia, including beautiful dresses, while her people starved, too poor for bread.
B. Native American tribes often held ceremonies, with their spiritual leaders often wearing masks as regalia.
C. Rowena Ravenclaw's regalia, her diadem of wisdom, was taken and turned into a Horcrux by Voldemort.
D. The muddy, disgusting regalia of the prodigal son did not stop his father from embracing him.