Connected Educator Month 2014

Sonya Van Schaijik

The vision

  • A connected education sector

  • Educators strategically access, collaborate and share across

  • National & global networks to

  • Inform schooling designed around students’ needs and strengths.

Events I coordinated for Connected Educator Month

Events I took part in

Flat Connections Global Educator

I joined the Flat Connections Global Educator Course and am working with four educators and am learning how to effectively connect, communicate, collaborate and co-create across classrooms.


I in addition I joined the #edchatnz, #aussieED

Sonya Van Schaijik

Sonya Van Schaijik is an experienced #SOLOtaxonomy teacher at Newmarket School in Auckland. She is a 2011 Core Education efellow, and a recipient of a TEACHNZ sabbatical. She is a Skype Granny and a Pond Pioneer Educator. Sonya’s current teacher inquiry is on the greatest source of variance that can make a difference to student learning–the teacher and how they share their learning. She hosts and curates #TeachMeetNZ where teachers celebrate and share their learning.