Get the Most for Your Money!

Understanding How Best to Order Plexus as a Wholesaler

Congratulations on Deciding to Save!

When you decided to become a Plexus wholesale Ambassador, you chose to get the products you love at the best possible price. Smart move!

Part of getting the best value you can involves understanding how to place the most effective order you can. Here are a few hints:

1) Choose a "combo" order. These orders (like the Triplex Combo) bundle products and give you a better price overall.

2) Always place an order over 100PV. PV stands for "personal volume." This is how Plexus values each product. If you purchase more than 100PV in a given month, you actually earn money back on your own purchases! Who wouldn't want a "coupon" in their account to use on their next order, right?

3) Don't need 100PV worth of product this month? No problem. Place your order every other month if your regular monthly use is under 100PV. This allows you to earn on your purchase every other month, plus it saves you $ on shipping. (It is easy to set up a Convenience Order for what you need every other month and simply change the date of your order on months you don't need products.)

If you're not sure how to place an order that makes sense for you and your needs, don't hesitate to contact your sponsoring Ambassador (or Angela: and ask about what's right for you!

Need to Set-up a Qualifying Convenience Order? Here's How!

  1. Login to your Back Office. (Ask your Ambassador for help if you need it!)
  2. Go to "Shopping."
  3. Then, select "Convenience Orders."
  4. Click "Add New Convenience Order."
  5. Choose "Unconditional."
  6. Choose from one of the qualifying convenience order options.
  7. Make sure the PV is over 100.
  8. Set the date you want your order to ship.
  9. Save your changes. You're all set!
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