"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 3-7-15

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Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Dear Staff,

What a great week and it finished with such a great sense of community and pride. On Thursday, the Dads' Club served over 300 plates of spaghetti and a great time was had by all. On Friday, talk about win-win, our Ranch on the Run was a great success. Students and staff had a great time and sharpened the saw, we raised a lot of money for our Foundation, and school community and spirit was fostered! Thank you everyone for your school spirit and your participation.

Everyday I hear compliments from parents regarding the teaching, learning, and positive school climate that is happening at our school and at how happy students are to come to school. You each should be so proud of what you have created through your efforts, forward thinking, and collaboration.

Have a wonderful week of Parent/Teacher Conferences. I appreciate all of the work and effort each of you put into making this a valuable time to support learning and goal setting.


  • GO HAWKS!!!!

Put First Things First

  • Monday Book Fair
  • Happy Birthday to Jennifer Haller on Tuesday!
  • Friday Assembly

Enjoy your Weekends! Sharpen the Saw(:

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