Physical properties

Iron has the properties of being silver in color, is a heavy object, and it is hard.

Chemical properties

It's melting point is 1536 degrees Celsius, its boiling point is 2861 Degrees Celsius, and it has 8 isotopes.


You can use be used as the cheapest available metal in the world. It can carry oxygen into the bloodstream. Carbon steel is a compound of iron.


Some isotopes are Iron-54, Iron-56, Iron-57.


This is what iron would look like if you dug it straight out of the ground
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Plum pudding model

This model not only shows the electrons on the rings, but also gives you the proton and neutron numbers.
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Elemental symbol

This symbol shows what iron would look like on the periodic table.
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Iron is a great element that can be used in everything from metals to blood work. It is the 4th most abundant element in the earth. It's molecular structure prevents it from breaking easily and it has a high melting point that it could withstand heat. There are many other elements that could be used on a project. But, iron is one of the best to be used.