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Charlotte's Web

This book is called "Charlotte's Web". This book is by E.B White, who lived from 1899 to 1985. This book has won many awards. This book is a fictional classic. This book is a bit of a fable.

Book Content

This book is about a girl named fern who gets a pig named wilbur. When the pig is only two months old. She has to give him away to her uncle, who runs a farm. The sheep finds out that WIlbur's owners are planning to kill him. Wilbur's close spider friend, Charlotte, writes some amazing words on her web like "Some Pig" and "Terrific". Luckily, Wilbur becomes famous and doen't get killed after all. What about Charlotte?


Wilbur: A daring pig who gets lonely and bored at times. He meets a great friend named Charlotte. He becomes very close to her. She evens saves her life. He knows that he owes his life to Charlotte. He is a very smart and clever pig who is only young.

Charlotte: A spider who comes up with the most brilliant ideas. She saves Wilbur's life by writing words about him on her web. Sadly she experiences a great misfortune. But is it worth it?


The setting of this book mainly takes place at the county fair and at the barn. Wilbur gets bored of the same thing everyday and wants something new.

Other Friends

Wilbur's best friend is Charlotte, but he has other wondrful friends like the sheep and geese who help him survuve by giving him tips about what to do.

Enjoy Reading Charlotte's Web!