BCHS Staff Newsletter

January 31, 2016

Week in Review

Great week of exams! I received a lot of positive feedback from staff who used the Google Forms. Thank you to those of you who are working these in. Remember our current plan, for both High School and Elementary, is to probably not renew our Data Director services. Google Forms can do a lot of the same things for us at no cost, so please continue moving your tests over to this format.

If you have students who did not complete an exam (due to an absence or other reason), please try to get those completed on either Monday or Tuesday (this may depend on Challenge Day participation).

I have received SLO's materials from about 5 people at this point. What I have seen so far has been exactly what I am looking for. Remember the goal of these is for the purpose of evaluation data, but more importantly for your instruction to improve based on your pretest data. Please have these to me by the end of the week, and if you have questions let me know.

Sheryl and I were able to meet with several students at the end of last week regarding second semester schedules. Our goal will be to get any others on Wednesday (due to Sheryl's participation in Challenge Day).

Just a reminder that the Rotary Pancake Supper is on Tuesday from 4-8 at the Harrington Inn. The proceeds from this event will be donated to Hospice. I have tickets in the office if you are interested. They are $8 per person and kids (5 and younger) are free.

There was a great turnout for the Team Connor game in Marlette on Friday. Great to see two communities and schools come together to do this in his honor. I am very proud of the game our boys played that night and the amazing kids we have in our student section.

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Please make sure all of your first semester grades are in by Tuesday evening, at the latest. Parents will have access to their child's report card grades on Wednesday. Also, please remind students of the new policy (this year), that report cards will only be mailed/printed upon request. These requests should have been returned to start the year. We can still get kids a new request, if they want them printed/mailed, just have them stop in the office if necessary.


The week is a "little" hectic with the start of a new marking period/semester, Challenge Day on Monday/Tuesday, Senior Field Trip on Tuesday, then throw Snocoming into it as well. Please be aware of the schedule for the week, and let's do a good job of making sure kids are where they need to be.

As I have said before, we should all be attending the assemblies that are for the whole school. We have our Talent Show assembly on Wednesday (end of day, but with schedule flip it is technically 6th hour) and our Crowning assembly on Friday during 7th hour. The kids love to see you there and this is a "big week" in their world! Also, our hope is to have the "Robot" play a role in this year's crowning ceremony (big day for our Robotics' Team).

Friday night is our basketball game and dance. If you are able to help chaperon the dance, I would love your help. I will not be able to be in there until after the basketball game, so I can definitely use some help since the dance will start prior to the game ending. Also, on Friday after the game, Jim and Tony could use some help setting up for the GTC wrestling tournament (we host it on Saturday). Thanks.

Student Learning Objectives

Just a reminder to be working on these. I would like to have everyones to review by the end of the week. If you have any questions, just let me know (I sat down with a few teachers last week to go over them). I get that they may seem overwhelming/confusing a bit, but most of it is stuff you are already doing anyway.

I would like the following by the end of the week:

  • Chapter/Unit you will be using
  • Template completed
  • Assessment (just pre-assessment due)
  • Main Standards in the unit/chapter

The following will be turned in after your pre-assessment

  • Spreadsheet with student names, pre-assessment score, student growth target
  • Brief analysis of how your lessons will be designed to meet the low areas of the pre-assessment

The following will be turned in after the post-assessment

  • Assessment
  • Same spreadsheet as before with final score and if student met their growth target


SLO Artifacts

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Technology Devices

As we begin a new semester, and for most of you some new content. Try to find more ways to incorporate the Ipads and Apple TV's. This is a great time start working them into your lessons if you weren't already. Also, don't forget about the availability of the Chromebooks or sign-up labs.

January Incentive

Please email Bob by the end of the week with any kids who finished the marking period with missing assignments and/or failed your exam. He will begin working on this during this week and next. My plan is to not have the incentive for a couple of weeks, due to our hectic schedule this week, and just starting a new semester. However, he needs this information to compile his list for me. Details will follow in next week's newsletter.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • February 1-5--Waterman Bus Duty
  • February 1--Start 2nd Semester and 3rd Marking Period
  • February 1--Student of the Week Burkowski (11th)
  • February 1--Neil out of office for Challenge Day
  • February 1-2--Challenge Day
  • February 2--Senior Field Trip
  • February 1-5--SnowComing Week
  • February 3--No Directed Study due to assembly
  • February 3-- Snowcoming Assembly during 7th hour--Class Schedule for the day will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 6th (so no 6th hour class)
  • February 4--Neil gone AM--County Principals' Meeting
  • February 5--Snowcoming Assembly (Crowning) during 7th hour (no 7th hour class)
  • February 5--Snowcoming Dance from 8:30-11:30, Junior High 8:30-10:30, Please let me know if you are able to volunteer to help at the dance
  • February 6--BC is hosting the GTC League Wresting Invitational

  • February 8-11--M. Blake Bus Duty
  • February 8--Student of the Week Rayba (12th)
  • February 9--STEM Fair in Elementary
  • February 10--Count Day
  • February 10--Directed Study 2nd Hour
  • February 12--Staff PD (No Students)

  • February 15--No School Presidents' Day

Homework Help Lab

Homework Help Lab will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please announce this schedule to your students.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings in Lori's new room. 7:15-8:00 am

This will cause some students to be past the double doors, but Jesse is there monitoring this and will let them up if needed. Also, any other teachers that have students coming for help in the morning, just have them let Jesse know when they ask to go up early. This will not be an issue, and I encourage you to work with your struggling students.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons in Library. 3:15-4:00 pm

Jarrod will be running the morning sessions and Lou will be running the afternoon sessions. Any other teachers are also welcome to help with this. Thanks.

Magic Club--Tuesdays and Thursdays

Super Smash Bros Club--Fridays

Parting Toughts

In my eyes, we are now entering the most important (yet most challenging) marking period of the year.

Most Important Because:

  • You should have established a good understanding of all your students strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is the marking period that leads into our state testing, thus the one that should contain necessary lessons to prepare the kids for these tests.
  • We know as a building which students to target, based on PSAT scores, M-STEP scores from last year, and semester grades.

Most Challenging Because:

  • It leads into spring break
  • It could potentially contain some snow days, which may throw off your planning
  • Kids and staff get a little "cabin fever"
  • Kids have learned your "tricks", and you may need to be creative and try new things
  • Some of you will stress out about your SLO. My advice is don't stress out about this, if you are talk to me.
  • Seniors are getting closer to being done
  • The newness of the building has worn off for the 7th graders

So we need to:

  • Stay on the top of our game
  • Stay organized
  • Keep building relationships with students
  • Keep incorporating technology
  • Keep collaborating with grade level and content area teachers
  • Keep including "test style" questions in your lessons and bell ringers
  • Enjoy what you do and make your class fun for the kids and you