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Pisgah Forest Elementary School is a Total Title One School

December 2, 2015

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 is half complete! Our students are growing and learning every day- we will round out 2015 with lessons and themes focusing on seasonal traditions.

Midterm reports will go out Thursday, December 3, 2015. Remember this is just a snapshot of our progress so far! Please sign and return.

Literacy Corner

Guided Reading / Daily 5

Students are looking like experts as they independently practice important reading skills in groups. They are learning to read emergent readers alongside a teacher in groups every day.


Practicing the sounds letters make is one of the best ways to help your child become a confident reader and writer. Please practice these sounds at home, but remember we don't add the "uh" sound to the end of the letter sound. (EX: /d/, not "duh" for the letter D.) Sounds should be quick, not exaggerated.

So far, we have introduced these letter characters and sounds.

A - Pam the Lamb

- Motion: pretend you are Pam the Lamb crying for your mommy saying /a/ /a/ /a/

D - Dinah the Dancing Dinosaur

- Motion: stomp feet while saying /d/ /d/ /d/

H - Harry the Hound

- Motion: huff like Harry the Hound when he hurries saying /h/ /h/ /h/

M - Muffie the Munching Monkey

- Motion: rub your belly like Munching Monkey while saying /m/ /m/ /m/

P - Popping Popcorn

- Motion: hands make a motion like popping popcorn while saying /p/ /p/ /p/

S - Sizzling Sausages

- Motion: hands make a motion like steam sizzling up while saying /s/ /s/ /s/

T - Ticking Timer

- arm makes a motion like a ticking clock hand while saying /t/ /t/ /t/

Ask your child what sounds they learned and they can show you the awesome moves.

Popcorn Words

1st Quarter Popcorn Words:

a the and go had he I see has you like me from come here said it up my

2nd Quarter Popcorn Words:

we of am at to as have in is can his him on did girl look are no one

Practice popcorn words at home. You will find a word list in your child's FISH notebook.

Count on It!

We work everyday to improve our counting skills. We count by 1's and 10's!

We work everyday to improve our ability to identify and describe basic shapes (2D)!

We work everyday to compare numbers using words like less than, greater than and same amount.

We work to learn to count scattered objects.

We work to identify 2D and 3D shapes.

We work to use position words (behind, in front of, above, below, next to).

We work everyday to be Awesome Mathematicians!


Monday- Library (please make sure your students have their library books every Monday)

Tuesday- PE (wear tennis shoes)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- PE (wear tennis shoes)

December Reminders

3 - Midterms Home Sign and Return

9 - P.E. Bowling Trip

14 - Polar Express Day

18 - ROPE Assembly

Winter Break! Happy Holidays!

Polar Express Celebration

We will celebrate our seasonal traditions by reading the book and watching the movie The Polar Express. For this special event, we will complete Polar Express themed activities, drink hot cocoa and wear our pajamas (or "jammies" as Ms. Dawson calls them) to school!

When: Monday, December 14, 2015

Time: all day!

Classroom Needs

We are in need of:

Clorox Wipes

Lysol disinfectant spray

Small styrofoam cups

Thank you!

Note from Ms. Dawson

As Christmas approaches, I want to say thank you to my students and their families. You may or may not know, but I moved to NC last year from Delaware. It has been an adventure learning to live life in a new place far from the family and friends I have known my whole life. You have become my school family and our students have become my school kids. Thank you for all the hugs, support and love as we've become a sweet classroom family.

Much love to you and your family this holiday season!

Contact Information

You can reach me any time! I check my email very frequently, but understand that sometimes I give myself a weekend break from school. I will always respond in a timely manner during the week.

Our open communication is my priority!