#Black Lives Matter

(By Brandon Vu)

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First Things First.

Black people this past year have been screwed. In fact they've been screwed, throughout history have they been tortured, discriminated, you name it and now it seems like were repeating history, once again blacks have been screwed but whats going to happen?
“Indeed, in America there is a strange and powerful belief that if you stab a black person ten times, the bleeding stops and the healing begins the moment the assailant drops the knife. We believe white dominance to be a fact of the inert past, a delinquent debt that can be made to disappear if only we don’t look.” -Ta-Nehisi Coates

From the start

There's always been some controversy with white on black discrimination or black on white for quite some time and up into then there hasn't been any important moments until in July 13, 2013 when court ruled Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder on Trayvon Martin in the Zimmerman-Martin case. Many people were enraged because many believed this was just another case of black racism and injustice towards blacks. But it only got worse, there were no real riots on the Zimmerman-Martin case there were just mainly very angry people, but in New York a black man (Garner) was innocently killed, many people had enough and rioted all over. In fact that's how Ferguson (August 19, 2014) started and that's a whole different story.

George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 12am

Seminole County, FL, United States


Court ruled Zimmerman not guilty

Ferguson starts

Tuesday, Aug. 19th 2014 at 12am-11:45pm

Ferguson, Missouri, United States

Ferguson, MO

August 19, 2014

Ever Since Then

Ever since then, people have been chanting "Black Lives Matter" in crowds everywhere from political campaigns when one person interrupted Bernie Sanders's rally, when a young woman disrupted Hillary's dinner conference, and Trump rallies in general. Ever since then the Black Lives Matter chant has been turned to a movement. A movement to stop the discrimination of black people and to be treated fairly. A movement to try to shout out how many deaths of black people there was in last year a shocking 1134 deaths , to try to tell the government the injustice towards police on black.

1 2 3 4 (Artifact!)

1 2 3 4, From Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner, it just seems like america is at war

5 6 7 8, Many wish for the police to change how they act but instead we have to wait

1 2 3 4, How many times will we have to deal with stuff again? What for?

5 6 7 8, There needs to be a change, we can't let blacks be on prison like human bait

1 2 3 4, They can't take it anymore

5 6 7 8, How many more deaths will be at stake?

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Personal Experiences (Artifact)

One time as my parents were driving to downtown Dallas, a black lives matter rally occurred, it was the first time I've ever seen a rally or even something this crowded. It was a peaceful protest but quite a loud one, there were chants left and right and with that were police. At this point my parents knew fully to get out there quick so as they went out I saw things that scarred me. It wasn't on headlines but I saw police aiming guns at a small alley at a person proudly supporting the movement, and in the glimpse I saw a little bit of pepper spray sprayed at another small alley. It was by far the most bizarre thing I ever experienced in my life really, and the fact that it was a peaceful protest unlike Ferguson only made me think of what if it was a Ferguson.

Not too long ago my dad purchased a gun, "to defend you guys" he said, but I was only frightened. A gun could do so much, a gun started this whole movement and to see that object right in front of me just gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I don't think my parents are killers but the fact they know a gun can do and still buying it makes me just feel so wrong in my stomach and scared.

The Police side of things

Officers did have something to say something about this topic. Many have been saying that they there's no racism in this and that its only for self defense. They've also said that its really only a selected few of officers that were so violent towards blacks yet people have been saying all officers are violent. To there defense though it is like saying one of your friends got in trouble for doing vandalism and since your friend got in trouble, people look at you also for being a troublemaker since you are friends with the person. Not exactly fair so to the police's defense i do agree that its only a few people that are violent while everyone in the movement is saying all police are violent.


Its a counter movement for the black lives matter movement. They say that its not just black people that are getting abused but everyone. They've disrupted BlackLivesMatter protests many times and there hasn't been any reported violence in the disruptions. Many argue though with the AllLivesMatter movement that saying AllLivesMatter to a BlackLivesMatter protest is like running through a cancer fundraiser yelling out "There are other diseases too!". Me personally agree with that statement, because the movement isn't saying that only black lives matter, but that they are in risk in getting abused by cops. It's not too say this race is better and far more important so they should care about it more, in fact its the polar opposite, it is about the injustice of black man and woman. (Down below is the third and last artifact)
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Whats next now?

We don't know what will happen in the future. What if we do save this situations? That's great but what if we go turn around once again? It's like how we thought after MLK fixed the situation, nothing bad was gonna happen again but no we had this whole dilemma. I feel like its an everlasting cycle, sure we might fix this whole thing sometime soon but it won't be long till it goes bad once again. But in the meantime all we can do is wait and hope, lets let black lives matter, lets be the change in history. Lets not let it go back to waste. They do matter and we need to fix it
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