12 Days of Fabulousness

Diva Determination to Finish the Year Strong

Day 8 - Last minute gifts? We're here to help!

Just a few more days to the finish line and your well-deserved break is here! The December sales, sponsoring, and coaching on this team have been astounding. We've enjoyed hearing about how many of you have worked this business of yours around your already busy schedules to reap the holiday sales and thus commissions. Fantastic! But it's not over til it's over, right?! :)
The standard shipping deadline has passed but there are LOTS of ways to continue delighting customers and keep your business moving through the end of 2012!

  1. Leverage our gift cards or e-gift cards so that special someone can get exactly what they want!
  2. Share the gift card image on facebook and remind friends that you are here to help with last minute babysitter, teacher, friend gifts!
  3. Hold a last minute cash & carry office show! Sell your samples off the table and have the replacement sent to you! If it's a retired sample sell it for cash at 50% off so you recoup your investment and roll that into the new collection!
  4. Hold a New Years Eve "Bring your LBD" Trunk Show in the days before New Years to help your trunk show guests style their New Years Eve attire!
  5. Think about your SAMPLE SALE: There many ideas for holding your sample sales in our Lounge and on the Buzz. Be sure to watch the videos, plan and implement YOUR sale in the next 5 weeks. If you do it early you can recoup cash to invest in our exciting Spring Line. If you do it in January you can also debut the new collection. Be creative, have fun, and invite your VIPs, potential hostesses and stylists. You might even hold a raffle or present an auction like Director Bradlee Roffers spoke about in last week's buzz. Good luck!

Day 8 Challenge - Do any of the above 5 tasks and post your efforts on our page!