Merry 2014 Christmas!!!

Here are some highlights from my year! Love Mel

March 2014

This March my dear friends Patty Greene, Julie Haskell, Mom, and I headed off on a relaxing cruise in the southern Caribbean. Unfortunatly, the boat had some troubles before we left the dock. Fortunaly, after 4 days in the pier we set off to finish our trip.

We loved our time together and because of all the complications the whole trip was paid for-compliments of the cruise line.

April 2014

April 25th marked my 2 year anniversary from my brain tumor. So far all is well and each day is a new day. Thanks for your continued prayers and support. One funny this year came when a students told me (with much conviction) that he was going to constipate me. The whole class laughed. Oh to be 7 again!

June 2014

I took a trip to Houston, Texas with my dear friends Kiersten and Teresa. We laughed so much and it was a great time together.

July 2014

Our whole family headed up to Leadville, Colorado for an amazing few days. We laughed a lot and then laughed some more. It was wonderful to be all together.

August 2014

Wow! I started my 18th year teaching at the same school in Parker, CO. My second graders sure keep me on my toes and I continue to lean more about myself each day while being around them.

September 2014

We welcomed Lily Mae to our great family this September. Cori, Ben, and Gabe are just over the moon with her- as we all are.

December 2014

Wishing you all a beautiful and healthy 2015! May it be full of smiles and laughter!

Happy 2015!!!