What is causing Air Pollution?


causes around the world

  • Did you know that air pollution is caused by natural gas, toxic fumes,burning fossil fumes, such as coal, oil, gasoline, and carbon dioxide?
  • The gasses that you're sucking up in your nose could be slowly killing you.
  • Air pollution can also kill and hurt bugs, flies, seals, dolphins, fish and lion seals.
  • Factories release gasses into the air and cause air pollution.
  • There are cities in China where people have to wear face masks when they walk outside because of the air pollution from factories.
  • Exhaust from cars release the most pollution into the air.
  • Traffic jams cause a lot of air pollution, the air around traffic jams can be unhealthy to breathe.
  • Volcanoes can shoot gases about 7 miles in the air when it erupts.
  • Many common activities release green house gases into the air. Things like dry cleaning!
  • Farms can release green house gases!

causes in CT

  • Did you know that one car making a short trip to school and back home gives off enough carbon dioxide to fill 60 balloons?
  • Most of the air pollution in CT comes from cars, trucks and buses.
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