2nd Grade Big Top News

September 2016


Welcome to the Big Top. We are so excited to share all the wonderful and exciting new things the students have been learning!
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Language Arts

The reading unit for the next month will focus on community, family, and pets. The students will be practicing the short vowel sounds in spelling and target vocabulary words that go with each story. They will strengthen their writing skills by identifying subjects and predicates and writing a narrative story. The students will also write a Haiku poem and publish their work. We are looking forward to a great month in Language Arts!


In Math, the students are learning about place value to find values of numbers and describe numbers in different ways. The students are using base ten blocks and various manipulatives to model ones, tens, and hundreds. In math class the students will be able to write 2 digit numbers in word form, expanded form, and standard form. The students are encouraged to watch the interactive videos from Go Math each night prior to the next day’s lesson.


In Science, the students are using inquiry skills to find out information about the world around them. The class is asking and raising questions about their environment and planning investigations. The students are using various science tools such as thermometers, measuring tapes, balances and rulers to conduct experiments. Each child is learning to think like a scientist!

Social Studies

In Social Studies, the students are learning about being citizens in a community. They will be able to explain citizens’ rights and responsibilities at home, at school, and in the community. The students, in groups, will discuss the need for rules and laws and they will identify the consequences of breaking rules and laws. They will complete graphic organizers to help complete problem solving models.


Shalom and welcome to Second Grade Hebrew!!! It is so exciting to see everyone back at school! We warmly welcome our new students and wish them good luck and an easy transition!

In Hebrew we started our theme of “Tov Bakita” (It is good in the classroom). We are welcoming all of the TaL Am characters and getting to know the new “students.” We focus on the Hebrew word for welcome in female/male and singular/plural, as well as on our last name/family name. The students will be bringing home a library book every week and we encourage the students to read this book out loud over the weekend.

High holidays:
In the month of September, our students are going to learn about Rosh Hashanah and the preparation for the fall holidays during the month of Elul. We are focusing on the steps of Teshuva (repentance), Tefilah (prayer) and Tzedakah. Students will be able to describe the traditions and mitzvot of Rosh Hashanah and the other holidays.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy new year!


I would like to welcome everyone as we begin a new school year. This year will be filled with lots of learning through several activities, such as reading, listening, writing, singing, and more. During our weeks together in August we have read and worked on the book “El Perro con Sombrero”, by Derek Taylor Kent, and learned about the Olympic Games. During the month of September, students will learn commonly used expressions for greetings and personal introductions, and polite words.


Welcome to Ms. Hu’s 2016-2017 Mandarin Chinese class! This month we will learn how to say greetings in Chinese as well as expressions that are used in the classroom, such as “hello teacher!” The students will be given many opportunities in class to help them practice these new words. These words will include hello, teacher, classmate, etc. This month we also have the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is on September 15th. The students will have activities that pertain to this Festival, such as a reading an article about it and watching a video. They will also be given interactive projects that will help them learn about these skills in a more creative way.

Physical Education

Welcome back to another amazing school year! This month we started classes by learning what the expectations are in our class. We want all of our students to enjoy learning about different sports and to push themselves to reach their highest fitness level. We discussed how characteristics they acquire in sports will transfer over to success in other aspects of their lives.

We started with fun warm ups that we will add to each class and then played games like Cookie Monster, Midnight, Spud and Steal the Bagel. We will finish off the month with our Flag Football unit where through games and drills they will work on our hand/eye coordination by catching and throwing the ball. We will also work on our explosive speed as well. Please remember to pack their PE Uniforms and a water bottle. Sunscreen, mosquito repellant and a hat are recommended as well. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at any time. I’m looking forward to another fun, healthy and successful year of Physical Education with our Hochberg Prep students!


Our second graders are building simple machines. With this hands on learning experience students will develop an interest in science that will spark lifelong love for learning. I am excited for a tremendous year with your children.


Welcome back to another year full of creativity!! We started the year with a project about our names. We were creating a piece of art using different instructions and techniques. Second Grade was focusing on patterns and colors. They created a beautiful and colorful version of their names.

The Art Room needs your help!! I am going to be collecting egg cartons, any type, during the whole year. If you have the chance to send some in, I would really appreciate it.

This month I am also collecting newspaper.


In music, the students are learning how to respond to a piece of music and discuss individual interpretations. The students are also learning to sing songs that incorporate changes in dynamics, lyrics, and form, from memory. They recently listened to pieces from "Carnival of the Animals" composed by Camille Saint-Saens. The students are also learning to sing "Lion", "Let The Rivers All Clap Hands", and some songs to prepare for Rosh Hashana.